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Roastery Story: Temecula Coffee Roasters

Roastery Story: Temecula Coffee Roasters

Meet The Client: Temecula Coffee Roasters

Temecula Coffee Roasters is located in Temecula, California, a casual, laid-back town of approximately 120,000 residents about an hour from San Diego. The town is well-known for its championship golf courses, a climate perfect for serene and beautiful hot-air ballooning adventures, and award-winning wineries nestled in 3,000 acres of picturesque wine country. 

Bryan Rauch, coming from a career in international project management and business optimization consulting, started Temecula Coffee Roasters in 2017. Operating for five years now, Temecula Coffee Roasters is a busy family-owned business with a dedicated team that has grown to be one of the largest drop-ship coffee roasters in the U.S.

Inspired by its location in Temecula’s wine country, one of Temecula Coffee Roasters’ cooler offerings is their coffee beans aged for 30 days in locally sourced whiskey and wine barrels.

It’s Time To Level Up

Bryan has been a CoffeeTec client for a while now and originally worked with us a few years ago to source a 10-kilo STA Impianti roaster. One Thursday morning in March, Bryan called CoffeeTec and mentioned that he needed a bigger machine and asked what 15-kilo roasters CoffeeTec had in its current inventory. The reason? Bryan was doubling the size of his facility and called CoffeeTec to find another roaster to add to his growing business.


Working with Bryan to identify his needs and talk through several different options, CoffeeTEc steered him toward a new 20k roaster coming in. With less than $3,000 difference between a 15-kilo and 20-kilo machine, Bryan could move into a roaster with twice the drum capacity size — allowing him to roast the same amount of beans in half the amount of time.

Bryan is the type of person to consider all angles, risks, and benefits, so after considering Toper’s features including a 3rd thermocouple, digital data output port, and fire suppression system in the roaster’s chaff collector, Bryan decided to go with the Toper 20-kilo roaster.

Now, Here’s The Good Part: Our FAST, Flexible Financing

With his decision made, Bryan opted to finance the roaster through CoffeeTec’s Roaster’s Choice Lending Program. He applied for financing on the same Thursday that he called CoffeeTec to identify a machine. 

The Toper roaster financed within 12 hours (overnight) and funded in about 24 hours — making this one of the fastest sales in CoffeeTec’s history. The roaster shipped out shortly after.

This particular Roastery Story gives us a great opportunity to highlight our fantastic financing program. With our Roaster's Choice Lending Program, instead of working with one lender and wondering if you're getting a good rate, we leverage competition among our network of the nation's top lenders to ensure you're getting the best financing value available. 

Did you know that more than 80% of all U.S. companies utilize some sort of equipment financing? (Source: Equipment Leasing and Finance Association) Not only does financing allow business owners to preserve capital and manage cash flow, but it also offers affordable monthly payments and a 100% tax-deductible status through the IRS's Section 179.

So, if you find a roaster or any equipment on CofeeTec’s website priced at $2,000 or more, don’t be afraid to click the green “Finance It” box on the right side of the equipment listing to see what financing could look like for you. 

You’ll even see a live, “real-time” display of a possible monthly payment, along with a reminder that we don’t sell your information to outside agencies. We also provide a dedicated loan agent to guide you through the process — and our application terms are friendly and flexible. Simply put, our team of lenders rock, and we’ve seen them come up with creative financing solutions to make our customers’ roasting dreams come true time and time again.

Roasting For A Cause

With Bryan’s 20-kilo Toper purchase complete, he can keep on roasting his wide variety of small-batch, hand-crafted coffees for his online retail and wholesale coffee business.

Perhaps some of the coffee closest to Bryan’s heart are the beans he roasts on behalf of two African charities, Seeds of Hope Children’s Outreach and Imani Christian Schools—so we want to give a special mention of those. A good number of our clients include a charitable element to their roasting businesses — clearly demonstrating the amazing hearts and souls of the people we meet in the coffee roasting community. It warms our hearts to support them, knowing that a roaster sale will help further their mission.

Seeds of Hope’s mission is to build and support the development of a self-sustaining residential vocational school, which will provide occupational skills training to Kenya’s teenage street children. This training will allow these young adults to become employed, contributing members of their community. (Photo courtesy of Seeds of Hope)

Imani Christian Schools is a project that Bryan, along with his wife Carrie and a team of passionate volunteers, has launched to build a school for the children of Embu, Africa. (Photo courtesy of Imani Christian Schools)

Customers can sign up for a monthly coffee subscription, with all net proceeds going directly to one of the two organizations you choose. If these causes align with your interests, consider a subscription for yourself or for the coffee lover in your life. 

CoffeeTec Is Here For You

Like Bryan Rauch of Temecula Coffee Roasters, are you looking to buy or sell a roaster to take your coffee business to the next level in your coffee roasting journey? If so, please contact us for a chat. 

We’ve always got a rotating selection of used and new equipment, and we take time to understand what you’re looking for to keep your roastery running. We can also advise on your roastery plans and logistics. 

And, don’t forget: if you need financing support, please check out our Roaster’s Choice Lending Program. Let’s help you build the coffee roastery of your dreams — and with a roaster that’s right for you.


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