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Roastery Story: Night Shift Brewing

Roastery Story: Night Shift Brewing

Meet the Client

Night Shift Brewing began as an idea among three friends in Somerville, MA back in 2007. They came to call their late-night beer brewing sessions “the night shift,” and by 2012, Night Shift Brewing was launched.

Mike O’Mara, Rob Burns, and Michael Oxton’s “craft better” mindset has produced world-class beers and coffee (added a short time later). Their coffee philosophy is rooted in lessons learned from the craft beer world — creating fun, approachable, inclusive experiences without being pretentious or intimidating. 

They now operate multiple brewery locations around Boston, along with a coffee pop-up and online sales.

CoffeeTec Accepts The Challenge & The Client Gets More Cash

In late April ‘22, Night Shift Brewing contacted CoffeeTec to sell some coffee roasting equipment, including a 2019 12-kilo Probat P12/2 roaster. They’d had a change in business processes and were moving to a co-roasting model to quickly upgrade to larger production capacity and needed their roasting equipment gone — fast. 

When they mentioned they had a potential private cash buyer for the roaster, CT told them that he could definitely sell the roaster and put way more money in their pocket than their private buyer was offering, plus handle all the paperwork and logistics for crating and freight. CT knew what he was talking about. He had just sold the same year, brand, and model roaster on another deal a few months back — and he knew that he could do it again. 

When Night Shift Brewing realized they could potentially get about 20% more for the sale — without having to coordinate any of it — they decided to let CT run with CoffeeTec’s standard exclusive listing. And, then they went back to doing what they do best — roasting beans, brewing beer, and keeping their customers happy.

The rub? Night Shift’s lease was ending in 18 days, meaning they would need to move the roaster to their own private garage — a hassle in itself. 

Wasting no time, CoffeeTec listed the Probat that evening and started generating buyer interest. Due to our strong relationships with our customers, we know who is seeking roasters and what they’re looking for. We are powerfully positioned to sell roasters, and within a week’s time in early May — and before the 18-day period before Night Shift’s lease was up — we sold that coffee roaster to a roastery owner in Indiana who is ecstatic to start roasting on this awesome machine. 

The buyer was also happy to take advantage of our competitive, private lending program, working with our financing team to come up with some creative solutions to fund the machine just a few days later.

The best part? We were able to get Night Shift Brewing $5,000 more than they were expecting on the sale, all without them having to lift a finger. They received their money and CoffeeTec took care of the crating, freighting, and all other time-consuming and tedious logistics.

CoffeeTec Is Here For You

If you’ve got a roaster to sell, we hope this Roastery Story shows that CoffeeTec is the only way to go. With our professional expertise and connections, we can almost always sell your machine for more money and less hassle and time wasted on your end. We also don’t take commissions, cuts, or discounts from used coffee equipment that you list with us to sell. We work hard to get you the full price you ask for.

You get to keep on roasting while we do all the legwork, and then send you a check for a higher profit than you might have made on your own. 

Ready to move forward? Please contact us for a chat.

We’ve always got a rotating selection of used and new equipment, and we take time to understand what you’re looking for to keep your roastery running. We can also advise on your roastery plans and logistics. 

And, don’t forget: if you need financing support, please check out our Roaster’s Choice Lending Program. Let’s help you build the coffee roastery of your dreams — and with a roaster that’s right for you.

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