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NOW VS. NEW: 4 Reasons Why Buying A Used Roaster From CoffeeTec Is Best For Your Business Today

NOW VS. NEW: 4 Reasons Why Buying A Used Roaster From CoffeeTec Is Best For Your Business Today

It’s early 2022 and we at CoffeeTec are witnessing a sourcing phenomenon: With the pandemic causing some coffee businesses to close and sell their equipment, it’s creating a “perfect storm” for building up great used inventory while new roasters can take more than a year to manufacture. The question isn’t just whether you should buy used versus new — but rather, how can you afford to not buy NOW versus new? We’ll look at four reasons why the time is right — literally right now — to let CoffeeTec help you find a used coffee roaster that will open up new possibilities for your coffee roasting business.


Buckle up, we cover a lot of good stuff in this article! 

  • Four reasons why the time is right for a used coffee roaster to open up new possibilities for your coffee roasting business
  • We've got NEW Toper roasters ready to ship now
  • An important note that coffee roaster sellers don't want to miss 


For the past handful of months, we’ve published some hefty blog posts addressing different aspects of helping your coffee roasting business thrive during these pandemic times. We’ve written about how the global supply chain is impacting roasteries, and how co-roasting, automation, and a larger-volume roaster can play a part in your coffee roasting success. 

Our blog topics almost always come directly from conversations we have with our customers — what they’re concerned about and what they’re looking for. That’s where our past blog topics have come from and this month is no different. 

With our consultative approach, we have very transparent conversations with our customers, including whether or not it makes more sense to buy a used or new coffee roaster. If a customer really wants a new roaster for their business and they're willing to wait for very long lead times to get one — we’ll steer them to the manufacturers. It's always about what's best for our customer.

But, listen, those long lead times are nothing to dismiss. It can take anywhere from six to eighteen months to get a new roaster to your facility these days — plus the time it takes for commissioning and training. Do you really have that kind of time before you can take your coffee roasting business to the next level?

Thanks to the pandemic disrupting some coffee business’s plans, we’re also seeing a rise in incredibly high-quality inventory coming our way. In fact, some of the coffee roasters we agree to sell are still in the manufacturer crates because coffee businesses had to pivot way from their plans over the last 24 months. And, for the used coffee roasters we’re getting, they have to undergo our stringent vetting process per our guidelines before we agree to sell them. Point is, we’ve got some seriously sweet stock!

So, when we’re having the conversation with customers about finding the right roaster for them, it’s at a “perfect storm” kind of time where we’re building up great used inventory while new roasters can take more than a year to manufacture. The question isn’t just whether you should buy used versus new — but rather, how can you afford to NOT buy NOW versus new? And "now" can mean either buying your first roaster or leveling up. 

We’ll look at four reasons why the time is right — literally right now — to let CoffeeTec help you find a used coffee roaster that will open up new possibilities for your coffee roasting business.

The 4 S's: Supply, Sourcing, Speed, and Support

As we’ve mentioned, our current inventory is better than ever! With a broad range of well-vetted used roasters waiting for you on our website, we’re busy processing incoming roasters almost daily to add to our collections. We also said we’ve got a few roasters literally never used, and here’s the proof. 


Click the below icons and browse our current coffee roaster inventory:

CoffeeTec is also your source for related coffee roaster equipment. Need an afterburner solution? We’ve got it. How about a destoner, grinders, brewers and espresso makers, and K-cup machines? We’ve got these, too, and more. 

NEW Toper Coffee Roasters In Stock



Now, let's talk about new roasters. If you’re serious about getting a brand-new coffee roaster, let us introduce you to Toper. The Toper brand has invested more than 45 years building a solid reputation, with a strong focus on ingenuity and technology. 

In 2014, Toper introduced their TKM-SX shop roaster line: Simply INCREDIBLE machines, rivaling the quality of Probat, Diedrich, and San Franciscan—at a much lower price! From 3-kilo all the way to 180-kilo, we've sold many of these roasters. And, at any given time have quotes out on 10 machines, including roasters for mini-plants. 

Due to this overwhelmingly successful partnership and customer demand, we now bring a number of these machines over at one time to stock them here for quick order fulfillment—offsetting the time it takes for manufacturing and factory delivery. We call this offering TOPER IN STOCK.

And, we have the ability to package these Topers with some cool features including touchscreen software automation, digital roast tracking output (for Cropster and Artisan), and extremely competitive pricing. Use natural gas or propane? It doesn't matter. Every Toper comes with a conversion kit. 


With fifty years in the industry as the largest reseller of coffee roasting equipment, we consider ourselves sourcing experts. We make it our sole priority to ensure you have access to top-tier equipment at the best possible prices. 



“Roughly one out of 10 of my sales are conducted off of the website. Meaning, these aren’t online orders. I’m matching roasters to buyers because I know what they’re looking for. So, when a machine comes in, I know exactly who to call from our segment of our 15,000+ opted-in community who have told us what they want and when, in order to facilitate a sale.”

If we feel good enough to represent this used equipment and put our CoffeeTec stamp of approval on it, you can be guaranteed that our used coffee roaster inventory will provide the reliability you’re seeking at a much more affordable price point.

Are you currently looking for a used coffee roaster to add to your shop? If so, we can help you find it. 


Because we’ve already sourced the used equipment, getting it to your roastery and up and running is much quicker than purchasing a new piece of equipment — unless you're looking at our new Toper in stock (see above). From order, to delivery, to installation, typical turnaround on used machinery can average just a few weeks versus months for fulfilling a new order. Think of the money you could be saving, and making, by having your much-needed roasting equipment in operation that much sooner!


When you buy used equipment through CoffeeTec, the relationship doesn’t end once you lay down the cash. We'll be here for your next sale or purchase and also offer a full range of consulting, educational, and logistics management services to make sure you get the most out of your equipment purchase.

We’ll work with you to understand your current business goals and objectives, what type of facility you have, credit available, desired production volume, and more to get you the best deal.

An Important Note to Coffee Roaster Sellers

We talk to a lot of people looking to sell their coffee roasters, every single day. That’s how we build up the incredible inventory we’ve got available. For those who have tried to sell their roasters on their own through online marketplaces like Facebook, eBay, Craiglist, and forums before coming to us, we hear a lot of the same stories: 

  • Listings that take time to post, manage, and respond to, only to question if they’re being viewed by the right people (or at all)
  • Promoting your listings to the right viewers
  • Dealing with tire kickers and insulting offers
  • Handling all of the transactional paperwork
  • Managing the hairy logistics of crating and freighting
  • …and the list of headaches goes on and on

Bottom line... This process takes time. So, what is your time worth???

If you’ve got a roaster to sell, don’t learn the same lessons the hard way. Let us handle everything for you.  

And remember, At CoffeeTec, we don’t take commissions, cuts, or discounts from your used coffee equipment that you list with us to sell. We work hard to get you the FULL price you ask for. Our nominal selling fee is added on top of your asking price.

If you’re curious how we can help you sell your roaster, just fill out our “quick fill” form and we’ll review it and set up a plan to get you the price you deserve. All you have to do is list your item and keep running your roastery. We handle the rest!




If You’re Ready, Let’s Talk!

Ready for a new-to-you roaster? Our main priority is to empower, educate, and equip you with the tools you need to build your roastery or coffee business. So, if you’re ready to invest in a high-quality, well-vetted used coffee roaster for your coffee roastery, cafe, or business, please contact us for a chat. 

We’ve always got a rotating selection of used and new equipment, and we take time to understand what you’re looking for to keep your roastery running. We can also advise on your roastery plans and logistics in light of pandemic supply chain disruptions. 

And, if you need financing support, check out our Roaster’s Choice Lending Program, where our private network of the nation’s top lenders with your own designated point of contact will help you find the best financing deals available. To get a sense of monthly payment amount and start the financing application process, just find a roaster you’re interested in (with a value of $2,000 or more) and click the green “Finance It” box for details. 

Let’s help you build the coffee roastery of your dreams — and with a roaster that’s right for you.

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