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35 Kg - Loring S35 Kestrel - 2022 - Still in Crate



35 Kg - Loring S35 Kestrel - 2022 

Still in Crate

"BRAND NEW" 2022 S35 Kestrel Coffee Roaster available for purchase. This roaster has never been used and is ready for use. Get it now!


Attention Coffee Roasters! No more waiting - the state-of-the-art S35 Kestrel roaster is ready to ship and still in its original packaging! The current owner has decided to change their business plans, which means you have an exclusive opportunity to own this top-of-the-line roaster right away! Don't wait for 8 to 10 months !

The Loring S35 Kestrel revolutionized the world of coffee roasting. As the pioneer model at Loring, the S35 Kestrel introduced the groundbreaking concept of half-bag (35 kg) roasting, coupled with a patented integrated afterburner.

But wait, that's not all! The 2022 S35 Kestrel has cutting-edge features like touch screen automation, vacuum elevator loading, auto hopper, bean cart and auto roast chamber door for unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Experience Unmatched Control: With its intuitive touchscreen interface and PID functionality, you have precise control over burner and fan speeds. Save and replicate profiles effortlessly for consistent roasting results every time.

Proudly American-Made: Crafted and engineered in the USA by skilled artisans, this roaster is built to the highest standards using durable stainless steel construction.

Efficient and Effective: The single burner not only flawlessly roasts beans but also efficiently incinerates smoke, ensuring a clean and pleasant roasting environment. Additionally, the high-speed cooling tray reduces cooling time while safeguarding the quality of your beans.

Batch Flexibility: The S35 Kestrel accommodates your needs with a minimum batch size of 15.4 lb (7 kg) and a maximum of 77 lb (35 kg).

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own a brand-new 2022 S35 Kestrel – act now and upgrade your coffee roasting game. Contact us today to make it yours.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!
All roasters are sold as-is. Shipping not included in the listed price.
CONDITION: Never Uncrated 
LAST SERVICE: Still in Crate 
POWER: 220v Single Phase
FUEL: Natural Gas
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, Vacuum Loader and Bean Cart
ROAST CAPACITY: Min Batch: 7Kg - Max Batch: 35Kg
DIMENSIONS: 95"L x 68"W x 106"H - 

Loring Roaster Features:

Focus on the Roast, Automate the Rest

Automated controls for dropping green from hopper, discharging beans from the roast chamber, and precise control over the burner, so you can focus on making the best coffee.

Smokeless Roasting

Eliminate smoke during the roasting process without an external afterburner.

Roast Smarter

Single burner roasts beans and incinerates smoke. High-speed cooling tray reduces cooling time while protecting beans.

Sustainability and Savings

Up to 80% fuel savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast compared to conventional roasters.

American Made

Designed and made in U.S.A. Constructed by skilled craftsmen. Stainless steel construction. ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Unparalleled Control

Touch screen and PID provide operation of burner and fan speeds. Profiles can be saved and repeated consistently. Fully automated roasting process.