Do I need a De-Stoner for my Roaster?

Do I need a De-Stoner for my Roaster?

People constantly ask . . . "Do I need a de-stoner for my roaster?" . . . tough question because many people do not understand the purpose of a de-stoner or stoner, as it is a lot more than just lifting coffee to leave the stones behind. Actually, it is as much a situation of raising the coffee from a lower cooler outlet up into a holding tank that allows you to collect one or two batches of coffee and dump easily into a tall or a tolling storage tote. 

Some coffee roasting machines have a low-to-the-ground outlet and it is almost impossible to get the entire batch of cooling coffee into a container that fits under that cooler's outlet . . . so the de-stoner then becomes a lifting device . . . and the fact that it also takes away anything more heavy than the actual roasted coffee bean . . . is an added blessing. Most customers (and grinders) do not like rocks, nuts, bolts, stones, glass, etc, etc. in their coffee!!!  Also the area may look more "manufacturique" with the stoner to add optically to your manufacturing process. Now we also do them with wheels so as to use them on multiple machines or get them out of the way when not in use.  These are priced ExWorks - from Portugal as there is a small charge for proper crating and appropriate freight. 

Some things to consider:
  • What is the distance from the bottom of your cooler outlet to the floor?
  • What is the maximum height of the rolling tote of storage unit you are using to store your roasted coffee?
  • Do you need it to roll around - or do you want it to stand in one place?
  • Do you need custom building so as to be taller, bigger, fatter, or special color . . . please advise and let's solve the installation.
  • Look at the Joper 15 kilo machine information for possible color guides - as we can do these any most any color.
  • Choose 110v 60 Hz or 220v 3 phase and specify if you want 50 or 60hz electrical. !.5 hp blower motor.
  • Start/Stop switch in easy access location.
  • Handlebar for easy navigating.
  • Easy air flow adjustment while viewing moving beans via site glass - ladder needed, unless variable speed control option is selected.
Additional Feature:
  • Option of Variable Speed Control for adjusting the perfect lift ratio for your coffee with any sized unit for this neat optional control feature. There is no problem in doing it manually as long as you climb a ladder to adjust the manual port control - as the volumetric suction control is located on top of the receiving chamber, next to the fan . . . but the dial in method is much more easy, accurate and changeable between types of coffee, cocoa, seeds, or nuts.


Pricing and More Info:
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Additional Photos of Stoners:

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