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Stop Deferring Your Dream: 3 Ways CoffeeTec Can Make Magic For You Now

Stop Deferring Your Dream: 3 Ways CoffeeTec Can Make Magic For You Now

“These are crazy times.” 
If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard this.
Heck, we’ve said it ourselves too many times to count!

As we talk to many of you, it’s clear we’re all figuring out how to be successful post-COVID. We know you’ve had to get creative to keep the doors open. Online sales, ordering apps, contactless coffee pickup — we’ve heard it all. 

Now that we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it can take a minute to regroup. We hear you on our phone calls. We see it, too, as you visit our website multiple times to check out that roaster you’ve got your eye on. Perhaps you’ve found a machine you like but you’re not quite confident enough to take the leap. 

No doubt the pandemic has stirred up some pessimism. Do you need a pep talk?

With our 50 years of listening to and helping people just like you, we’re qualified to give it. We’ve worked with customers through recessions and upswings. To our knowledge, no one else does what we do. With each interaction, we’re equal parts coach, consultant, and magic-maker.

That’s right, we make magic for people. We do it with every sale.

Take heart, friends. Here’s why you should be optimistic:

  1. Seeing 10,000+ attendees from 40+ countries at SCA Expo in Boston last month tells us the global coffee industry is alive and well. 
  2. Coffee consumption has hit a two-decade high, showing no signs of slowing down.
  3. Our more optimistic, driven customers are still buying roasters and taking leases to open coffee shops and roasteries. Activity in the coffee roasting and specialty coffee industries is indeed brewing.

As long as there is coffee, people will drink it. So, if you’re feeling gun-shy coming out of the pandemic, take a cue from others just like you who are making serious waves while you’re waiting to feel ready. What’s keeping you from riding the wave?

If you’re in the coffee business, then you’ve got a job to do. Your customers are expecting it. And, CoffeeTec can help you get it done.

3 Ways We Can Make Magic For You

Pre-pandemic, you could buy a roaster and have it running in weeks. We all know better know. We’ve written about global supply chain issues twice (here + here) and they aren’t going away soon.

Our advice: Don’t wait! If you think you’ve got time to find the right machine and wait for it to be delivered, you don’t. Not unless you plan to open your shop or expand operations 9-12 months from now. 

We can help you find a great used roaster (we thoroughly vet each one) or new one, help you get it up and running, and create a plan to make the most of your time and keep your business on track — RIGHT NOW. 

Do you realize that every green bean that you’re about roast already has a place to be brewed? Question is, how fast can you roast it? The longer you wait, the more it’s costing you. Now is the time to be proactive.

A new capital purchase is a big investment. We offer a second-to-none financing program that leverages competition among our private network of the nation’s top lenders. We do this to ensure that you get the best financing available.

If you choose financing, you’re in good company More than 80% of all U.S. companies utilize some sort of equipment financing. (Source: Equipment Leasing and Finance Association) It’s a great way to manage cash flow.

Ask yourself ths question: What is it costing you NOT to buy that roaster now? 

Are you running your current roaster at full capacity?
Are you running it multiple shifts a day? 

If you move into a larger batch roaster and run it responsibly with plenty of headroom, you’ll free up time to identify new sales channels, build your customer base, and increase your income. 

We’ve got plenty of examples of customers who’ve happily made the leap:

  • As we've done so many times, we’ve helped customers like Operation Coffee move from 5-kilo to 12-kilo roasters to more than double their capacity. What do you sense that did for their business?
  • We’ve also helped a number of customers step up from a 12-kilo shop roaster to 22-kilo industrial machine - specifically, the classic Probat UG-22.
  • We’ve recently helped customers move from 3-kilo and 6-kilo machines into 15-kilo roasters, specifically brand new IN-STOCK Toper roasters. Yes, 3/6 to 15!!! Now, that's a move worth mentioning!
  • We’ve also got a roasting client who has a Diedrich CR-70 mini-plant and purchased a SECOND CR-70 mini-plan from us to run side by side. Talk about going for it! (And so much fun! The serial numbers were only 2 apart!)


These buyers are ecstatic as they move up maybe even two steps ahead from what they think they need. They’ve got a growth mindset. And, they’re ecstatic because they just doubled their batch output in half the time, cutting their labor costs and giving them bandwidth to grow more. They’re not sweating that their machine might let them down. They’re no longer under pressure, losing sleep, or working endless hours to fulfill contracts. Now, with their larger-capacity roaster, they’re getting the job done.


When you call us to inquire about a roaster, we don’t just discuss the roaster. As your consultative business partner, we want to know about you

What are you looking for?
What do you think you need?
Why do you need it?

We can help you think two steps ahead: As we’ve already mentioned, maybe it’s better to jump into a larger roaster now instead of what will only serve you for the next few years.

We’ve also got great connections and relationships — which often result in pocket listings or incoming inventory we don’t have online yet. 

So, in your vision quest to find the right roaster, if you don’t see the machine you’re looking for, just call CoffeeTec.

We’ll help you work through what’s standing between your desire and ultimate decision to buy — and then help you create a plan to get there.

CoffeeTec’s A-MAY-ZING Roaster Crate+Freight Sale

Are you feeling more optimistic? Ready to take the leap? We hope so! 

We want you land the roaster of your dreams, so we’re helping you out by giving you 15% off crate and freight fees on any roaster you purchase from CoffeeTec in May.

Crate and freight costs have skyrocketing with the global supply chain issues. A 5-kilo roaster used to cost around $600 for crate + freight. Now, it can run more than double at around $1500. Crate + freight for a 12-kilo to 15-kilo roaster can cost upwards of $4,000. 

Hopefully our help with crate and freight costs will get you into your next roaster.

So, what do you have to lose, other than your dream?
Stop deferring your dream and let’s make some magic together.

Call sales at 800-999-1600. We’re ready to make your roastery dreams come true. 

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