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CoffeeTec's Roaster's Choice Financing Program

Financing is Smart

CoffeeTec Financing Process

Financing With CoffeeTec Is Even Smarter

We're proud to introduce our Roaster's Choice Lending Program. Instead of working with one lender and wondering if you're getting a good rate, we leverage competition among our network of the nation's top lenders to ensure you're getting the best financing value available. Click here to go to our full blog description on this exciting new program.

CoffeeTec's Finance Process

When Lenders Compete, Your Business Benefits

 5 Benefits to Financing With CoffeeTec's Roasters Choice Financing Program

Try It!

Go to any equipment product page on our site that is $2,000 or more. You'll see the instant, real-time monthly financing amount and next steps for an application process that takes less than 60 seconds. 

So, now that financing is taken care of, what else is there?