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Mahlkönig Replacement Grinder Burrs Discs

Sold out

Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

Contact us, USA 800-999-1600, International +1-650-556-1333

Get Your Mahlkonig New Grinder Burrs Disc

To order your New Grinder Burrs Disc from Mahlkonig, just select the model in the drop-down menu.

Top and Bottom

Each model has its own MEASUREMENT for TOP AND BOTTOM DISC. We use 'set' and 'single' interchangeably. (Top and bottom burr would be included.)

 Model  Materials Price
DK27 LHM Tungsten Carbide $8,340
DK27 L Cast Steel $2,985
DK27 LS Tool Steel $1,525
DK15 LHM Tungsten Carbide $5,700
DK15 L Cast Steel $575
DK15 LS Tool Steel $880
VTA 6S (3 phase) - Tungsten SPECIAL ORDER Tungsten Carbide $4,410
VTA 6S (3 phase) - Tool Tool Steel $595
VTA 6S (1 phase) - Tool Tool Steel $540
EK 43 Turkish Tool Steel $625
EKK43/EK43 Cast Steel $590
EM43 for Poppy Seed Grinder Cast Steel $630
GSS1/3 Tool Steel $250
Tanzania Tool Steel $365
Guatemala (71mm diameter for standard grinder) Tool Steel  $260
Kenia/GuaL/GuaF(65mm diameter-angle slanted) Tool Steel $210
K30 Twin/K30 Vario/ES Tool Steel $135
ProM All Tool Steel $185