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The Java Doro Story

The Java Doro Story

In the heart of Cape Coral, Florida, amidst the swaying palms and a vibrant community, lies Java D’oro Gourmet Coffee, a beacon of aromatic delight for coffee aficionados and casual sippers alike. Java D’oro has been in Cape Coral for over 25 years. Founded by the Latassa family, the company emerged from a shared passion of coffee, unwavering dedication to quality, and a desire to engage with their local community. Java D’oro participates in a multitude of community activities. The annual Vegan Fest, which provides an opportunity to promote healthy living, in addition to contributions to the local fire department and food pantries, the family is always eager to donate to schools and nonprofit organizations for fundraisers.

“We have always had a passion for a delicious cup of coffee, and we wanted to learn how to make a superior cup versus an average cup. My family is originally from Italy. I initially focused on creating the perfect Italian espresso.” states Anthony Latassa, Founder of Java D’oro. Anthony continues, “We feel we have achieved that perfect espresso profile, and we quickly expanded our offerings to exquisite blends and single origin roasts for every customer.”

In the early states, Java D’oro was primarily focused on traditional wholesale. Starting out, they had to overcome the challenge of brand exposure and connecting with potential wholesale partners, building a service department with experienced coffee equipment technicians, and gaining trust with local coffee shops and restaurants. Through hard work, persistence, and over time, the family overcame those obstacles. Java D’oro is now established as a significant wholesaler in their markets, with an excellent reputation.

Today, Java D’oro’s expertise in sourcing high quality beans from around the coffee growing regions of the world, in combination with their cupping procedures prior to purchasing, has contributed to the company’s success and sustainability. The roasting equipment is not automated with presets, which allows their roast master’s to use their expertise in guiding each roast profile. Their roasting process utilizes temperature sensors, along with air dampers to manually adjust airflow and achieve the perfect roasting profile for each specific bean that has met stringent criteria for selection.

The company, since early development days has expanded their offerings and equipment investments, adding two K cup packaging machines to service customers nationally. Java D’oro continues to offer private label services, adding co-packing and fulfillment for other coffee companies and roasters to its range of services. This has fueled tremendous growth and along the way, has helped other coffee companies grow into multi-million-dollar organizations.

In recent years, Java D’oro became the exclusive United States distributor for Magister Sistema Café. “We are very passionate about the espresso machines that Magister produces and we feel that they offer superior Italian craftsmanship which makes an exceptional espresso for an accessible price.” declares the family and affirmed by Stephen Distefano, their Director of Business Development and Sales, who has helped the family’s vision with a shared love for the art of coffee-making.  The Latassa family; Anthony and his wife and partner, Antonella, their son and General Manager, Dominic, and employees now have another goal, to introduce Magister Sistema Café to a wider audience in the U.S. market. The company has gone through the tedious process of obtaining their HACCP certification, which will allow them to introduce their coffee to larger supermarkets and organizations, while continuing to provide their existing independently owned wholesale partners with the white glove service they deserve.

Lastly, and in summary, the Latassa family established Java D’oro in 1998, with a mission “to add a little moment of happiness to your life”. The company services Southwest Florida shops, cafes, restaurants, and consumers with exceptional arabica taste profiles. The selections are a treasure trove for coffee connoisseurs, and features a diverse range of carefully curated blends, with exceptional precision roasting.

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