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Electrostatic Air Filters for Smoke Control - Brand New Condition



 Kelantechnics Electrostatic Air Filter System

We sold a brand new Bideli 6 kilo roaster for a customer a while back which was packaged with a unique Electrostatic Air Filter from Bideli (see pictures). This works with a coffee roaster to filter and clean the exhaust smoke as it and the chaff move through the filter system, only leaving the coffee aroma in your coffee shop or your roastery.

Take a look at the listing for more info:  6 kilo Bideli Roaster Listing

The buyer sure loved the roaster but never needed the filter. This works on a 6 kilo roaster. Great solution for unique situations where an afterburner, fuel source, or other prevents typical smoke and odor control from your roaster.

Kelantechnics is widely used globally for smoke control. More information can be found here on these Kelantechnics brand filters:

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All equipment sold as-is. Shipping not included in the listed price.