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VortX EcoFilter Afterburner Alternative - NEW

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Smoke and Odor Filter – The unique, proprietary VortX EcoFilter filters the air from your roaster and cooling tray, dramatically reducing emissions of chaff and dust, VOCs and odors, and products of combustion.

VortXs are in use daily on 5 continents, improving the overall roasting experience, making neighbors happy, satisfying clean air requirements & reducing your carbon footprint. VortX: your comprehensive, inexpensive pollution solution.

The EcoFilter uses the energy of a cyclone plus the power of atomized water to remove particulates from exhaust air, muting odors and reducing visible smoke up to 80%.

The self-cleaning system recycles its water and requires less than 5 minutes of daily maintenance.

The VortX EcoFilter comes in 2 models: the 450 & 800. The difference in choice has to do with your Roaster’s airflow CFM and ducting. Please give us a call to determine the right model for your Roaster application.


VortX Advantage


Watch as Willem Boot & Ron Kleist describe the VortX difference. And don't miss stories of Roasters that are currently using a VortX system in their roasteries, at end of listing.

Willem Boot is co-founder of VortX and founder of Boot Coffee Consulting, based near San Francisco, CA. Willem has 20+ years of experience as a coffee roasting consultant and as SCA accredited trainer. Over the years he has been advising hundreds of companies with the installation and startup of their roasting businesses. 



    • Works on any coffee roaster. You can use it after a cyclone or you can replace the cyclone.

    • Using Vortex EcoFilter might improve the airflow of your roaster, which means better control over the coffee roasting process.

  • HAPPIER NEIGHBORS – significant reductions to visible smoke, VOCs, and noxious odor

    • Prevent complaints which may force you to relocate or close

    • Neighbors will see clean, white steam depending on outside air temperature

  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP – the perfect marriage of clean air and reduced impact on global warming

    • Generates zero CO2 and reduces products of combustion generated by your roaster’s burner

    • Runs on less than 8 amps electricity

    • Uses less than 30 gallons per day of water

    • Zero waste: chaff and wastewater suitable for feeding soil and watering plants

    • VortX plants 100 trees for every EcoFilter sold through our partnership with One Tree Planted

  • IMPROVED SAFETY – no residue buildup in stack and cyclone = nothing to burn

    • No risk of fire: stack and cyclone remain clean

    • No risk of injury: stack and cyclone are warm to the touch

    • No need for insulated class-A stack or a guard around the cyclone

    • Limits damage from a drum fire and remains warm to the touch; reduces the risk of personal injury


    • More consistent roasting because cyclone and stack remain clean

    • Roast nonstop; never stop to empty chaff bucket

    • Eliminates the need for regular cleaning of stacks and cyclone

  • DURABLE & RELIABLE – beautiful, hand-crafted, top-quality components

    • Stainless steel, powder-coated, highest quality components. Backed by an industry-leading warranty.

    • Standard 2B mill finish on type 304 stainless steel, as shown in picture

    • One moving part, the pump, is made by Grundfos (Denmark), a world leader

  • INEXPENSIVE TO INSTALL – low-temperature exhaust gas (<120 F) does not require insulated double wall duct

    • Hose barbs allow for quick plumbing connection via rubber hoses

    • Operates on dedicated single-phase power from 210 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz

Normal production lead time is 4 weeks + 1 week for custom powder coating. A shipping date can only be confirmed after we receive a down payment of 50% of the equipment price. The final balance will be due 1 week prior to the shipping date. Prices are EXW our final assembly point in Dalian, China; all shipping charges including freight, taxes, insurance, brokerage, customs, and tariffs will be paid by the customer.



The EcoFilter is based on a high-efficiency cyclone designed to remove particulates well below 10-micron cut size. This cyclonic action is enhanced by instantly cooling the incoming air, causing the VOCs and products of combustion to condense from vapor to liquid where they are entrained along with the particulates in water and flushed out the bottom of the cyclone. The water is filtered and recycled. One glance at the stack temp confirms that the unit is operating correctly.

VortX Detail


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A co-roasting facility in Berkeley California, home of over 25 coffee brands from the San Francisco Bay Area.


The second cafe and coffee roastery opened by Sarah & Shawn Pritchett in Oxnard, California.


Specialty café and roaster in the charming neighborhood of LA – Highland Park.


A co-roasting facility in Berkeley California, home of over 25 coffee brands from the San Francisco Bay Area.