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12 Kilo Roasters

Our collection of 12-kilo natural gas and propane coffee roasters has never been so extensive! These small commercial batch workhorse roasters are perfect for roasting coffee at scale rather than focusing on diversification.

If you’re considering moving from a small batch roaster to something to allow you to keep up with customer demand, then this roaster’s dozen of good to excellent or like-new roasters will fit the bill. And, with a variety of colors to choose from, and in locations across the USA, you’re likely to find a 12-kilo roaster near you that will quickly get you up and running.

With brands including Diedrich, Probat, San Franciscan manufactured between 1998 and 2017, most of these 12-kilo coffee roasters include equipment: chaff collectors, ducting, external cyclones, afterburners, original manuals, and more. We’ve even thrown in a 15-kilo Giesen if you’re looking for something just a little bigger!