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Rotary Automatic K-cup Filling and Sealing Machine - NEW



Model RCC-1-3000 - NEW

CoffeeTec is the proud distributor in North America for EastSign's Rotary Equipment.

This is a compact automatic rotary K-cup filling machine for coffee and tea. Suitable for other solid powders and liquids (sauces).

Features include:

  • Nitrogen Flushing
  • Roll Film Sealing of lids
  • Auger filling controlled by Schneider Servomotor
  • Transparent hopper
  • Speed: ~50 cups/min
  • Compact size: 74" x 69" x 113"
  • Installation Services available
  • On-site training is available
  • One year parts warranty
  • Remote and on-site support is available throughout North America

Specifications for Model RCC-1-3000:

Production Speed:  ~50 cups/min 
Filling Accuracy: +/- 1.5%
Electric Power: 220V  60Hz Single Phase
Motor Power:  2.5kW
Air Supply: 116psi 3.53CFM / 0.8MPa 0.1CMM
Machine Size: 74" x 69" x 113" / 1860mm x 750mm x 2850mm


See the machine in action here: