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Toper New In Stock

Toper TKM-SX NG Gas/220v Roasters
5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-Kilo Machines


Toper Roasters

Since 2021, CoffeeTec has been proud to represent Toper roasters. The Toper brand has invested more than 45 years building a solid reputation, with a strong focus on ingenuity and technology. 

In 2014, Toper introduced their TKM-SX shop roaster line: Simply INCREDIBLE machines, rivaling the quality of Probat and Diedrich—at a much lower price! We have sold many of these roasters and at any given time have quotes out on roughly 15 machines, including roasters for mini-plants. 

All machines are stealth black with a beautiful stainless steel finish on the bean hopper, cooler band, and drum hood.

Due to this overwhelmingly successful partnership and customer demand, we now bring a number of these machines over at one time to stock them for quick order fulfillment—offsetting the time it takes for manufacturing and factory delivery. We call this offering TOPER IN STOCK.

And, we have the ability to package them with some cool features including touchscreen software automation and extremely competitive pricing. Use natural gas or propane? It doesn't matter! Every Toper comes with a conversion kit.

Best yet? These Topers are brand-new models, and we pay the shipping too! (To the USA. Shipping to destination in USA additional.)

Take a look at Toper’s standard features versus other comparable roasters in the below chart. All Toper roasters come with a minimum of 3 thermocouples, data port output, and a patented fire suppression system in the chaff collector—all at NO EXTRA CHARGE! 

Check for yourself, and you’ll find that Toper has incredible value for the price. At the price you're dropping on a roaster, you deserve to be well-informed about your options!

Ready to learn more? Call Rick, your roastery equipment champ, direct for more detail. 650-569-0170.