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Toper Roasters

Toper Roasters. Probat Quality at 1/3 the Price.

Are you ready to bring bold personality to your shop? Toper roasters range from 3 kilo all the way up to 180 kilo, meaning there's a roaster for every shop. And, they come in an awesome variety of colors and options that turn your roaster not only into a consistent, quality, bean roasting machine, but a great conversation piece too.

All Toper Roasters come with a minimum of 3 Thermocouples, Fire Suppression in Chaff Collector, and Variable Flame Height Control - all at no additional charge. 

So, go ahead and start exploring our collection. It's time to choose your next roaster!

Toper is about roasting coffee beans, with each one becoming a source of happiness. Toper has been combining unfailing creativity with wisdom arising from never ceasing, extensive research since 1954 to create the most beautiful, bold, coffee roaster line available to fit any application.

Toper's friendship with customers, who produce the most social beverage of the world, begins when they connect the first nut and bolt together and continues long after they roast and grind the last bean.

That’s why we stand by them as our friends, not just as a vendor.

Toper. Be Bold. Be Confident. Become part of the family.