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1.5 Gallon FETCO Extractor V series



The FETCO Extractor V series 1.5  gallon single and twin station high quality brewers are easy to program and operate. These units come standard with a simple user touchpad, active information screen displaying the phases of the brew cycle to keep your coffee service operating efficiently.  The patented Cascading Spray Dome, where water flows over the outer surface instead of through tiny drain holes, helps reduces clogging of the spray head with mineral deposits and scale and deliver a consistent, perfectly balanced cup of coffee every time. The pulse-brew intermittent shower brewing system lets you control the length of time the water is in contact with the ground coffee for optimal extraction according to your recipe.

The CBS-1151-V+ single station brewer can make over 240 8oz. cups of coffee per hour.  Brewer footprint is 37'H x 12.75'W x 17"D

The CBS-1152-V-+ twin station brewer can make over 600 8oz cups of coffee per hour.
Brewer footprint is 37"H x 21"W x 17"D

 Cup size CBS-1151-V+ CBS-1152-V+
  8 oz cup 248 614
12 oz cup 165 410
16 oz cup 124 307
20 oz cup 99 246