1 kilo/2 lb. Sonofresco Non-Profile Roaster


1 KILO/2 LB. SONOFRESCO NON-PROFILE ROASTER Do you just want to roast coffee and not fool with any computer - then here is a bulk (2 pound) solution.

  1. Measure in the blend desired
  2. Select the color
  3. Press Start Button
  4. Walk away It will shut off when finished.

The Two Pound Sonofresco Coffee Roaster is our work horse, producing up to 55 lbs of roasted coffee per 8-hour day.  With twice the roasting capacity of the one pound roaster, you can double your productivity without doubling your price. This is Non-Profile but you can purchase the ADR (Advanced Definition Roasting) Kit any time


  • Gas or Propane
  • 120 V / 60 Hz, 3 amp or 230 V / 50 Hz, 1.5 amp
  • 3 batches/hr at 2.4lbs/batch
  • Dims: 13.8" X 20.5" X 30"
  • Net weight 75 lb
  • 3 Color Options: Black, Red Polyester Powder or Stainless Steel
  • Extra Hood Option Available for Additional Price


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