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1 kilo: Used Probat Duett Roaster & Demo Unit

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Probat Duett Research and Demo Unit 1 kilo - even High Yield . . . Best Offer . . .

This roaster is NOT for everybody as it is totally specialized and designed as a "sample roaster" for really big and high yield roasters also made by Probat or Gothot back in the day. This machine was only used in the Probat Showroom when it was located in Burlingame California and has not been used since. If you put in 1.6 pounds - 2.6 pounds and can set up a profile (or run manually) so that you can control air and heat and the speed of both allowing for as fast as a 2 minute roast for high yield or adjust to normal ranges for making intricate studies into changing conditions of profiling. Every detail of the machines innards or electrical box is all relay driven and controlled. The total roast process is visible before your eyes and as soon as the roast reaches your set point - the coffee simply slides and drops into the cooling chamber and you are ready for the next study. Requires an air connection. Runs on electric only. Has lights on inside. Comes in 2 big boxes and we had it installed with the roaster only in the Lab Showroom and the chaff and air handling unit in another room so we did not have to listen to it. Your option. Built in 1995 at Probat, it needs 3 phase power. Been in storage since 1997.  Main piece for show and operation = 41" wide x 16" deep and 71" tall.  2nd box for chaff and air management 30" x 31" x 92" tall and can be placed remotely. We will have to get a manual from Germany - Duett M 95/40265-1. This is a very unusual high yield roaster that roast only 1 kilo or 2 pounds per batch - but it roast in 2 to 3 minutes. Built in 1995 & 220 Volt/60 Hz.  Weighs about 1100 pounds with both cabinets.