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1 Kilo - Probat Probatino Coffee Roaster - 2013 Model - Good Condition - Used

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1 Kilo - Probat Probatino Coffee Roaster - 2013 Model - Good Condition - Used



Notes from the current owner:

Selling my 2013 Probat 1kg Probatino roaster. It has been used for home use over the last couple of years. Listing includes the roaster, as well as the cyclone/chaff collector and the flue pipes. Fires up first time without any issues. The damper adjustment has been misplaced but leaving it fully open has not been an issue, I was going to either get a replacement made or implement a control system for the fan (to act as a variable damper) but I found that this wasn't needed. The wooden handles need replacing. Has 2*RTD probes installed for use with profiling software, I shall include these in the sale a long with a vint hub so it is ready to run artisan etc. Probably goes without saying this machine gives brilliant results.

This beautiful Probat Probatino would be perfect if you're looking for a sample or boutique-style roaster that's super high quality but aren't wanting to pay 20K for a new model of similar quality.

A straight-forward roasting operation 

This little gem is awesome for both production and testing. Fun to compare to its bigger Probat brothers and sisters, as it is a solid, Probat with an outstanding roast quality and reputation. 

Definitely in a class of its own!

Better take a look at this one - it's going to be gone quick!


LAST USED: Jan 2024
LAST SERVICE: Regular Maintenace
POWER: @220v Single Phase
HEATING: Propane
ROAST CAPACITY: Up to 8.8 lbs. p/hr.
DIMENSIONS: 48" L x 23" W x 37" H - 260 lbs