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10 Kg - Samiac Cast Iron Drum Roaster - 1993 Model - Used



10 Kg - Classic Samiac Roaster with Cyclone

Rare Find: Classic Cast Iron 10 Kg French Samiac Roaster

Opportunities like this don't knock twice! Feast your eyes on a gem from 1993 - a 22-pound per batch French Samiac roaster in impeccable condition. With its iconic cast iron drum reminiscent of modern Giesen and Joper machines, this Samiac exudes the timeless elegance of a Rolls Royce. Renowned among roasters as the pinnacle of craftsmanship, these machines are a rarity in today's market.

Sasa Samiac is a French designer and manufacturer of coffee-roasters, recognized by all the professionals. Since 1919, Sasa Samiac has been developing processes capable of roasting coffee according to tradition, from 10 to 1000 kg of coffee per hour.

Originally acquired in 2021 by the current owner, this beauty has never been connected to gas due to stringent city regulations. Despite its dormant state, it bears the legacy of previous owners, who achieved remarkable success, even clinching competition finals with this very machine. Their decision to part with it was driven by the pursuit of higher batch outputs.

Witnessed in flawless operation by the current owner, who savored the delights of its brews, this Samiac is now seeking a new custodian. Equipped with original crate wood, which could mitigate crate charges with a discount, it holds promise for the discerning enthusiast.

Featuring four motors, two of which are recent additions, and a Phidget installed for Cropster/Artisan Roast profile tracking, this roaster is primed for precision. Configured for propane fuel, it includes natural gas orifices for burners, ensuring adaptability to diverse setups.

Although not without minor imperfections - a loose try port and temperature control discrepancies on the machine readout (remedied by Cropster or Artisan tracking) - its core components remain steadfast. A replacement temperature readout, albeit a minor investment, is recommended for optimal performance.

Cosmetic blemishes include a dent on the brass drum cover, minor discoloration spots, scratches on the chaff collector, chipped black paint on the roaster's back and hopper neck, a crack in one hopper glass panel, and a few missing screws. Yet, these imperfections only enhance its character, affirming its status as a true classic.

Don't let this opportunity slip away - embrace the legacy of the Samiac and make it yours today. You won't encounter another like it anytime soon.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


LOCATION: Eastern U.S.
LAST USED: September/2020
LAST SERVICED: Continually
FUEL & POWER: Propane / 220v Single Phase
BTUs: 94,000
CAPACITY: 66 lbs. per hour @ 3 roasts
MODIFICATIONS: Phidget added for Cropster/Artisan tracking
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT:  External Cyclone, connecting ducting. Stack from cyclone to roof NOT INCLUDED