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12 kilo / 25 lb. San Franciscan SF25 - Used

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12 kilo / 25 lb. San Franciscan SF-25

Here's San Franciscan's beautiful 25 lb. p/batch workhorse: the SF-25. Complete with matched SF combo chaff collector/afterburner. This roaster is still commissioned and in use. Going to be shut down in 2 weeks being replaced by a new Probat. Will be ready to be crated up and shipped beginning of June.

The SF-25 is able to roast from 6 pounds (3 kg) to 25 pounds (12kg) of green coffee per batch with up to 4 roasts per hour, providing a maximum roast capacity of 100 lb. per hour (48 kg/hr). READ ALL THE DETAILS BELOW FROM SF WEBSITE.


THIS STORY: Current owner acquired this machine when purchasing a coffee shop a few years ago. Still roasting on this SF-25 daily. They have moved forward and bought a brand new roaster that has now been delivered and being commissioned in a new location.

Roaster comes with 3 thermocouples for temp reading and the data port Phidget was added allowing Cropster or Artisan data logging.

As the video shows, the SF25 roaster runs well and outputs a beautiful roast. This is a San Franciscan roaster, designed to last and last.

CURRENT CONDITION: The roaster is pretty much a manual, "old world style" operation with owner using Cropster (see picture) for monitoring bean temp, exhaust temp, and afterburner temp. There is no direct temp displays on machine.

Front bearing has been replaced. Serviced and cleaned regularly. Exhaust fan replaced with brand new including full cleaning and new gasket within the last month.

Owner states "needs a bit of work to run optimally", noting rear bearing eventual replacement, main motor servicing, burners and impellers cleaned.

Also, the chaff collector/afterburner is San Franciscan matched but has not been turned on since current owner purchased. They had a certified tech check out and was suggested to do a "control burn" where you fire it up, cool off, repeat a few times to clean/remove build up. Not able to perform due to residential location.

Chaff collection is internal in machine and in combo chaff collector/afterburner, so no external cyclone with this package.

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All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Great Condition. Still running.
YEAR: 1999-2000. Serial #1037
LAST USED: Still in operation daily
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER: 220 volt/60 Hz
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Afterburner/chaff collector combo unit
BATCH: 6 lbs. (3k) - 25 lbs. (12k) per batch

San Franciscan Roaster SF-6

About San Franciscan Roasters

The Legendary SF25: Environmentally Friendly Small-Batch Coffee Roaster

The SF25 from the San Franciscan Roaster Company is powerfully built and meticulously designed to produce great roasts, time after time. The SF25 is able to roast from 6 pounds (3 kg) to 25 pounds (12kg) of green coffee per batch with up to 4 roasts per hour, providing a maximum roast capacity of 100 lb. per hour (48 kg/hr). The SF25 is able to run on either natural gas (LNG) or propane (LP). In order to boost efficiency, the SF25 is outfitted with an afterburner specifically designed to comply with the most stringent air quality control mandates. The San Franciscan Roaster Company goes above and beyond to offer the best products to specialty drum coffee roasters all around the world. All of our roasters are handcrafted with love in Carson City, Nevada. If you’re looking for the perfect small-batch roaster for your coffee shop, choose the SF25!

The SF25 Roasts Up To 100 lbs. Per Hour

  • Roasts between 6 lbs (3 kg) and 25 lbs (12 kg) of green coffee per batch
  • A maximum roast capacity of 100 lbs per hour (48 kg/hr)
  • Roasting time varies between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on roaster preferences

Advanced Components and Classic, Handmade Beauty

In order to make the coffee roasting process as efficient and eco-friendly as possible, the SF25 is outfitted with an afterburner that burns up any smoke and odor created from the roasting process. This addition, which comes standard with all SF25 roasters, leads to a smaller environmental impact. The afterburner and chaff collector are combined in a separate cylinder behind the roaster for ease of maintenance. Much like our other roasters, the SF25 is compatible with most data-logging programs.

The SF25 comes equipped with a variable drum rotation speed, a built-in afterburner, a hot air damper, and a variable speed hot-air fan. We only use high-quality, American-made motors, sprockets and bearings. The gas and electric parts of the SF25’s are also American-made to guarantee quality and longevity.

American-Made Roasters for the Artisan Coffee Roaster

At The San Franciscan Roaster Company, we make use of only the highest quality materials in order to create roasters that will last a lifetime. Every single one of our roasters is meticulously handcrafted to suit your exact specifications. Our products are all designed and built in the United States, with American-made parts.

Suggested Installation Instructions

There should be a minimum of 18″ clearance completely around the machine. The vent piping should be rated for the US Standard UL-103HT, approved for positive pressure, 8″ inside diameter.

Electric requirements:

  • The machine is fused with 20 amp. main fuses.
  • A 30 amp. source to the machine will be more than adequate.
  • 220 volt, four-prong grounded plug-in.

Gas line requirements:

  • The gas supply should operate at 7"WC Natural Gas or 11"WC Propane at 100,000BTU for the Roaster and 250,000BTU for the afterburner, with a 350,000BTU combined maximum output. Check with your local gas company.
  • The roaster should be bolted with 4 1/2″ floor anchor bolts. A roped off or fenced in operating area is suggested.