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12 kilo Probat L12 - Modified - Used

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Modified by Masters

This is a 12 kilo Probat L12, in Excellent Condition!

BTU Output Increase, 6 Thermocouples, Phidget Reader & More

Wow! Check out this solid, beautiful, and well taken care of 1996 - 12 kilo Probat L12 roaster. It's currently owned by a master roaster that has meticulously taken care of and modified it to work like no other.

Take a careful look at this one… it’s been modified into an amazing machine with Probat quality behind it!

The Story:
After the current owner purchased this in 2013 from its original owner, he had famed Probat roaster technician Victor Mondrey do a partial refurbish and modify this machine to perform to this roastery's required specs, including custom gas manifolds and nozzles designed and built by Probat. Then, Scott Rao took over and continued with the updates including additional blower motors, temperatures and pressure monitoring, and exhaust air mods.

This machine has an enormous amount of power and is perfectly tuned for high-output roasting. The owner says "comparatively speaking, an original Probat is like driving a Ford where this one is like driving a Ferrari".

Post modifications made, this roaster can crank out up to 5 batches/hour (100+ lbs per hour) green coffee with the right roast profile. Yep. 100 lbs. an hour if desired!

The owner has since purchased and installed a higher output Probat roaster and no longer needs this workhorse.

Check this feature set:

  • BTUs/hr Increased from 95,000 to 165,000
  • Dedicated stir arm motor
  • New bearings front and back with grease nipples
  • External cyclone with dedicated blower for exhaust
  • Dedicated blower for cooling tray (roast and cool simultaneously)
  • 4 bean thermocouples (varying sizes)
  • 1 exhaust thermocouple
  • 1 air intake thermocouple
  • Custom engineered high temp exhaust pressure manometer
  • Magnehelic gas gauge
  • Phidget 1058 thermocouple reader

A full set of replacement parts go with this package - almost every maintenance part available on the roaster. A $1500 value alone.

Don't blink on this one! It's going to be gone quick!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.



CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: April/2021
LAST SERVICE: April/2021 - Consistently every week
POWER: Natural Gas
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: External Cyclone, A-Vent Ducting
THIS ROASTER'S CAPACITY: 25 lbs. p/batch, 4-5 batches p/hr. = 100+ lbs. p/hr if desired with appropriate batch profile

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