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12 kilo: San Franciscan - 25 lb

San Franciscan 25 lb Now Available with Chaff CollectorIncludes roaster, afterburner, ambient and bean temperature probes with dual digital display. Also, thehigh quality gas manifold allows you to measure the BTU input. Comes Chaff Collector. Both the Afterburner and Chaff Collector are combined in the cylinder behind the roaster. Excellent, affordable choice for the continuous coffee roaster. It roasts and cools at the same time. 4 batches/hour. Minimal maintenance. Pipes are built on the exterior so easy to clean. Terms: 50% deposit and balance prior to shipment. Allow 60-90 days for assembly!Specs: 36" X 96" floor space required 4 batches/hr =100 lbs/hr Voltage 220v single phase Amps 15 amps BTU 100,000 Gas Pressure: 7" W/C Nat Gas or 11" W/C Propane Face Plates: 5/8" steel Weight 1350 lbs roaster + afterburner= 2100 lbs North American Prices Only Do you want to add a portable de-stoner to your roasting system??!?CLICK HERE to learn more.