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12 kilo: Probat L12 - used - available this week

Sold out

Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

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USED 12-kilo Probat L12

Perfect Probat L12 Roaster available after December 5th.  All that is needed is to remove from the building, get it crated and shipped.  This machine was only used for cafe use only - as no real signs of wear - just very clean and ready.  Currently set for Natural Gas, but can be changed to Propane as required.

L12 Probat the last of the "L" series which means this was US-made, directly by Probat in 2009 and we were there for the startup, training, and even installed a visible 4" Water Collum (gas pressure in WC inches) gauge to regulate precisely the level of gas being used.  Total control of the heat.  The installation has almost no room around it - but was very visible to customers as this was in a very populated downtown San Francisco area.  Now, this is set for Natural Gas but can be changed to Propane for very little cost.  This is a total plug-n-play machine, with no issues, damage, or any other confusion.

The chaff collector is built-in with access in front of the machine.  Quiet running.  Requires one vent to the outside world.  Will require crating if to be shipped, so we can manage that detail as well.  We have the manual.

We do not see many used Probats get on the used market.  Call for additional history or questions as we do know this machine well.

  • 24-26 pounds per batch
  • 3' wide 
  • 5' deep - the machine has rear access. Allow another 2 feet for access.
  • 6'4" tall
  • 96,000 Max BTU but the typical flow is 60M BTU
  • Natural Gas but can be changed to Propane for very little cost.
12 Amp electrical at 110 volts (or can be 6 amps at 220)
1600 pounds shipping weight