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120 Kilo: Diedrich CR-120 Roaster - Used

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Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

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Used Diedrich CR-120 Roaster-120 Kilo

Here is a production warehouse workhorse that will give you lots of service for little money - assuming you can do a little clean-up as you do the installation.  While this was rebuilt by Diedrich and installed - using it daily from 2000 to 2015 and then put into storage as a bigger roaster was put into service . . . it was working fine at the time of removal.  Some of the paint on the front and real drum plates baked off due to lots of use . . . but that is just an opportunity to paint it with High-Temp paint that will make this machine look like new again.  Professional maintenance was done on a regular and preventative basis - so everything was kept in really good working order.  It was also dismantled and placed on pallets and the same people who did the Maintenance and dismantle are available to help you with a re-install.  In storage on East Coast - will take a full truck load to transport it to your location.


  • Pneumatic Loader attaches with tubing for best location to fit your plant.
  • 120 Kilo Diedrich CR120 Roaster Set for Natural Gas 1M BTU Burner produces 3 to 4 batches per hour depending on roast style.
  • Destoner - attaches to Cooler outlet and controlled from the master panel
  • Remote Afterburner Set for Natural Gas 3M BTU Burner at Maximum but will operate using less gas.
  • Electrical 208/480 3 phase using 100 amp service if using at 208 V.
  • Allow space of 17' wide x 19' long x 10 foot tall.
  • Afterburner can be remote mounted most anywhere you want - but allow 4' x 4' square base and up to 19' tall.
Installation refurbishment is the key to this industrial roaster line . . . do the painting and refurbishment as you put it together - check the insulation as you put it in place to see if you can upgrade and everything you need to make this work as at hand.  Ready to ship immediately.  Call and discuss as you have questions.  This is a rare opportunity to be in control of your industrial roasting without spending large sums of money and waiting time when ordering new machinery.