15 Kilo: Probat Afterburner - TO2 . . . with Selkirk

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15 KILO: PROBAT AFTERBURNER - TO2 . . . WITH SELKIRK This afterburner has an interesting history: Customer ordered a roaster and afterburner to go into a specific California location only to find out that the lease fell through - so he switched to another city where there was no afterburner requirement . . . so now he is stuck with this non needed afterburner - so it is as close to new as humanly possible and there is a group of Selkirk piping that goes with it. By the way - this is a more industrial version of afterburner in that it is equipped with the latest Maxon burner - which is more powerful than needed. This also is made in full Stainless Steel which makes it OK to go inside or outside and is a good looking piece of equipment. Mount it on legs if you want to put it up in the air - as that is normal. The more you can keep an upward movement of the air exiting the chaff collector the more friendly your system will like you. Ships from Southern California.