15 kilo: Rebuilt Probat UG15


Quality rebuild in Germany to US gas and electrical standards.  Comes complete with chaff collector/cyclone.  Optional extras include:

  • De-stoner
  • Guard

Crating, shipping, duties, taxes are additional.

Available 3-4 weeks after full payment received.

 NOTE: Photographs show UG22 (22 kilo) unit being rebuilt by the same company.

Footprint:  Roaster sits on a space of 48 " wide (34" when you take off the cooler for getting through a door).  Allow 85" front to back and remember that you have to find a place of 30" to put the chaff collector - as you will need to pipe to its location.  Height is 76" tall.

Capacity - Batch:  15 kilo (37 pounds) or less, but it is best to not go less than 5 kilo or about 10 pounds unless you really watch closely.  You will get up to 4 batches per hour.

Heating:  You may use either natural gas or propane - just let us know and we will have it set before it arrives.

Electrical:  208v 3-phase requiring 8 amps (recommended) or you can specify 208v 1-phase which would require 16 amps.

We will quote crating, shipping and freight - all from Germany.

Contact us with any questions and final details. 

US 800-999-1600 ext 3 or INTL +1 650-556-1333 ext 3