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15 kilo: Used (Available February) Giesen Coffee Roaster & Selkirk Oxidizer

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15 KILO: USED (AVAILABLE FEBRUARY) GIESEN COFFEE ROASTER AND SELKIRK OXIDIZERAn exceptional opportunity for ready to be delivered/installed equipment created by a changed business model. Giesen W15A Double Exhaust/Roast Profile System Natural Gas 240V/60 Hz Color: Red Available with Selkirk TO-2CS321 Thermal Oxidizer (Used) Price: Both - $59,000 USD . . . Sold ONLY as a SetRed Reiesen Roaster - $35,000 USD with Red Afterburner - $24,000 USD GIESEN BROCHURE INFOTHERMAL OXIDIZER FOR GIESEN W15 ROASTERSelkirk specializes in thermal afterburners for coffee roasting machines from 10 to 120 kgs per batch. Afterburners are designed of quality materials for long service life. Integrated efficient gas burners which reduce operating costs. Burner conforms to UL 295 standard for commercial/industrial gas burners. Afterburner design provides long retention times to eliminate smoke and odors from the roasting process. Standard afterburner operating temperature is 1250 F, but can easily be adjusted to meet local air quality requirements. Gas burner is completely self modulating, and operator controls are designed for ease of use. Oxidizer Specifications: TO-2CS321 Thermal Oxidizer with the following design features: Wayne Combustion LC 1500 Burner with 1.5 million BTU per hour maximum input. Dungs multibloc safety valve MBC VEF 2500. Dungs low and high gas pressure switches. Siemens LME series flame safety controller. Flame sensing rod for flame verification. Fully modulating to modulate at pre-set operating temperature; Burner and controls conform to UL 295 standard for commercial industrial gas heating equipment. Operator friendly control system. TO-2CS321 dimensions:outside diameter = 36"overall height from floor = 82"inlet diameter = 6"outlet diameter = 10" Exterior to be powdercoated carbon steel matte black (optional colors available). 4" of high density ceramic insulation between interior and exterior surfaces.