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15k Probat UG15 Roaster - 1956 Model - Good Condition

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15k Probat UG15 Roaster - 1956 Model

A Probat Classic! These models last forever, you won't want to miss this opportunity!


Dive into the world of coffee roasting with a remarkable piece of history – the Probat UG15 Roaster from 1956. This vintage standout isn't just an artifact; it's a 15-kilo dynamo that has been the central force of the previous owner's operations. With over 12 years of daily roasting under its belt, it has meticulously roasted an impressive 1.75 million pounds of beans! In good condition and evident from its track record, the seller ensured that the roaster was regularly cleaned, greased, and in prime working condition.

For those passionate about precision, be delighted to know it comes ready for Cropster and Artisian. Despite its storied age, it stands strong and fully operational with no reported issues, and was last in action as recently as July 2023.

But it's not just about age or durability; it's about legacy. This machine boasts an illustrious past, being responsible for brewing multiple Gold Medal Golden Bean awards, the coveted title of America's Best Espresso, and a plethora of other roasting accolades. Its ability to churn out award-winning coffee is unquestionable. As a testament to its efficiency, the original owner grew their operations extensively with this very machine until they surpassed its capacity. And for those looking to set it up without a hitch, the cyclone and piping to the cyclone are thoughtfully included.

So, if you're seeking to elevate your roasting journey with a machine that combines history, performance, and accolades, the Probat UG15 from 1956 is more than just an investment—it's a legacy waiting to be continued. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity!


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LOCATION: Southwestern, USA
LAST USED: July 2023
LAST SERVICE: Cleaned and greased regularly
HEAT: Natural Gas
POWER:  220v Three Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Cyclone and cyclone piping
BATCH SIZE: 15 kilo / 15,000 grams