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15k Yoshan DY-15kg Roaster - 2021 Model - Used

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15 kilo Yoshan/Dongyi Roaster
with Smoke Abatement Unit


Check this one out. A new roaster brand to the CoffeeTec line up. We have other Dongyi roasters listed - this one from the parent company Yoshan.

It's a 2021 model in excellent condition. Fully operational, no issues. Last used in August 2022. Only has 24 hours of total run time on it!

Comes with an electric powered smoke abatement/filter system - a type of afterburner (see picts), AND a vacuum loader! This loader is tiny, but mighty! A $2,000 upgrade - it's included!

It's also on wheels so fully mobile. 


Stainless steel with black finish. Fueled by propane. Includes the natural gas conversion kit, so you can go either way. Powered by 220v single phase. Double-walled steel drum on this one. Side mounted control panel with full adjustments and digital readouts and fuel gauge.

Current owner letting it go due to change of plans to fulfill new orders.

Includes the flex ducting seen in the pictures. 

Located in West Coast CA.

The Uniqueness of Yoshan Machines:

Semi-direct fire and semi-hot air.

The drum is covered with iron plate, and hot air is sent from the back of the drum, so that the beans are not directly exposed to the fire for roasting. It is currently the mainstream of commercial roasting machines. Because there are no holes on the outer wall of the roasting container, the flame will not directly touch the coffee beans. The ventilation equipment will introduce the hot air from the outside of the roasting container into the roasting chamber to improve roasting efficiency.

Another function of the ventilation device is to remove the chaff to avoid roasting it with the beans thus having the taste affected by the high temperature burning.

Ready to ship out today!

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating & Shipping not included in the listed price. 


CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: August 2022
LAST SERVICE: Regular schedule
BURNER FUEL: Set up for Propane. Includes Natural Gas conversion kit.
POWER: 220 Volt, Single Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Smoke Abatement system, Cyclone, Ducting as seen in pictures
BATCH ROAST: Green Coffee: 4-16 kg p/batch
DIMS/WEIGHT 70"x43"x79" / 1202 lbs.



Since 1990, Yoshan has been working on finding the best solution for coffee roasting and processing. Producing mind-blowing coffee roasters is what we’ve been chasing all the time. The capacity of our roasters ranges from 1kg to 300 kg. Yoshan is the only company which is able to produce coffee roasters larger than 100 kg in China.

High-technology and strongly financial support

With investment exceeding 50 million RMB and over 30 years’ experience in roaster equipment manufacturing, we cooperate with Germany's top technical team and own German laser cutting equipment which is worthy of 6 million dollars. We have been in the leading place in China's coffee and food industry for decades.

We plan to expand our business to America in 2020. About 50 coffee roasters are going to be send there, so our customers don’t need to worry about the service after buying our machine. We will do whatever we can to help out all the people who trust us.