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18 Kilo US Roaster - Used


18 Kilo Millennium US Roaster.  This roaster is in very good condition and was manufactured in 2011.  

Four roasts per hour, designed for easy operation, low maintenance, and a long lifetime. The roaster is in good working condition with normal wear and tear over the years.  Cyclone Exhaust: 6” Cooler Exhaust: 6” 2, 10,000 - 125,000 BTUs adjustable, Averages 100,000 BTUs, Gas Supply: 3/4” Pipe with Natural at 9” w.g. or Propane at 13” w.g. Operation, 24 volt operator controls for safe operation. Even and accurate heat controls,  Cast iron rectangular burners with a large venture mixer or power burners, free standing cyclonic chaff collector.  Standard lighted push button on-off switches, motor starters and overloads with fault protection.  Two gas gauges provided for incoming gas pressure and outgoing gauge at gate valve to adjust burner output.  Heavy-duty stainless steel drum, cooler screen and cooler liner, double insulated housings.  Easy to service roaster fan and separate fan for cooler  Removable cooler for easy cleaning with adjustable slip clutch, industrial gear drives for smooth operation of drum and cooler stirrer, with no bulky belts or noisy chains.  Equipped with heavy duty direct drive steel-cooling fan.  Heavy-duty motors with UL 508-A approved industrial control system and motors, adjustable overloads and contractors.  Adjustable legs for ease of movement and cleaning, easy to adjust housing for the main drum bearing in designed to keep the bearing cooler and lubricated. Grooved face plate to seal drum for less product loss.

The only problem this roaster has is the cooling bin door does not lock.