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1k Mill City Roasters MCR-1 Roaster - Model 2021 - Excellent Condition



1k Mill City Roasters MCR-1 Roaster 2021



Introducing the 1k Mill City Roasters MCR-1, a high-quality roaster designed to elevate your coffee roasting experience. Crafted by renowned manufacturer Mill City Roasters in 2021, this roaster offers exceptional performance and consistent results. With its 1-kilo capacity, it is perfectly suited for small-scale roasting operations or as a sample roaster for larger establishments.

Condition and Performance:

This MCR-1 roaster is in excellent condition and demonstrates exceptional functionality. It has been meticulously maintained and is fully operational with no reported issues. With only 42 hours of usage, this roaster showcases minimal wear and guarantees consistent performance. The roaster has been thoughtfully maintained, with cleaning performed after every 20 hours of operation ensuring optimal performance and flavor consistency in your roasted beans.

Features and Specifications:

The MCR-1 operates on natural gas, providing cost-effective and efficient energy for your roasting needs. It requires 220v single-phase power, making it compatible with most standard electrical systems. This roaster comes with a data log connection that is compatible with Cropster or Artisian, allowing you to monitor and analyze your roasting profiles. Fine-tune your roast profiles, replicate successful batches, and optimize your overall roasting process with ease.

Included Equipment:

In addition to the roaster itself, the package includes a vent kit for proper ventilation and a chaff collector for efficient removal of chaff during the roasting process.

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All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Excellent
LAST USED: April 2023
LAST SERVICE: At 40 hours of roasting. Currently at 42
HEAT: Natural Gas
POWER:  220v Single Phase


~Mill City Quality~

Experience the dedication to craftsmanship, performance, and reliability that Mill City Roasters is renowned for. The MCR-1 embodies their commitment to excellence, providing you with a roaster that delivers exceptional results and flawless performance, allowing you to roast with confidence. Its dependable operation, coupled with its user-friendly design, makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned roasters and those new to the craft.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own the 1k Mill City Roasters MCR-1 Roaster. Act now and take advantage of its excellent condition, proven performance, and advanced features.