2.4 kilo: Coffee Tech FZ94 Pro Lab Roaster


This is a small 2.4 Kilo electric Pro Lab Roaster in excellent condition.  It was manufactured in 2016 and is in good working order.  A voltage box which draws from 2 separate 110V outlets to create a 220V supply is included. 

  • 15-18 min roast time for full batch depending upon degree of roast
  • Roast 10 Kg per hour
  • Electrical Specifications
    220-240 Volts 50/60 Hz. 3600 Watt single-phase
  • Heating Method
    Electrical using high temperature heating elements (3 x 1000 watt)
  • Operation Method
    Individual manual operation of heating elements; digital frequency inverters for controlling convection ratio (airflow blower) & drum speed
  • Net weight: 143 lbs 
  • Over all dimensions: 26" x 30" x 35"