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22 Kg - Probat UG-22 - 2013 Model - Very Good Condition - Used



22 Kg - Probat UG-22 - 2013 Model - Very Good Condition - Used

This Incredible offer includes Crating !!!

Wow! Behold the retro-style 2013 Probat UG22 roaster. This remarkable, highly coveted Retro Style Probat has everything you've ever desired in an older machine with the benefits of newer models. 

Included are a Roaster, Control Panel, and the Chaff Cyclone. Note that the 220v 3-phase converter is available but not included in the price. The current owner purchased it in 2022 and has operated it flawlessly for the past two years. Due to increased business, they upgraded to a larger roaster, making this one available.

There have never been any fires in the roaster or chaff collector, which has been consistently maintained after each batch, weekly, and monthly. It operates on 220 volt/3 phase and has been converted to Propane (Natural Gas Burners are included). All manuals are provided with the machine.

This roaster is currently available, crated, and ready for shipment.

CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0011 to find out

Need to Know:

LOCATION: Eastern U.S.
LAST USED: 5/31/24
LAST SERVICE: Maintained Regularly
POWER: Propane
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, External Cyclone, Natural Gas Burners 
CAPACITY: 48 lbs/ 22 Kg. p/batch, 4 batches p/hr.

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