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240 Kg - Barth "Sirocco 400" Cocoa Ball Roaster - 1968 Model - Refurbished 2017 - Used



The Barth "Sirocco 400" Cocoa Ball Roaster from 1968, refurbished in 2017, is a unique and enticing opportunity for anyone in the cocoa processing industry. Here are some key features and details about this equipment:

  1. Model: Barth "Sirocco 400"
  2. Year of Manufacture: 1968
  3. Refurbished: Completely refurbished in 2017
  4. Capacity: 240 Kg
  5. Power Requirements:
    • Electrical: 220v Triple Phase
    • Gas: Runs on natural gas
  6. Included Components:
    • Cooling tray
    • Oven heat extraction fan & pipework
    • Cooling tray extraction fan & pipework
    • Cyclone dust collector
  7. Condition: Decommissioned and ready for shipment
  8. Owner's Note: The current owner has taken a different direction, making this fully functional system available for sale.

This complete cocoa roasting system offers a unique blend of vintage craftsmanship and modern reliability, thanks to its thorough refurbishment in 2017. The fact that it has been stored since then ensures that it remains in optimal condition.

Whether you are starting a new venture or looking to expand an existing cocoa processing facility, this Barth "Sirocco 400" Cocoa Ball Roaster provides a rare opportunity to acquire a well-maintained, classic piece of equipment. The inclusion of essential components such as the cooling tray and dust collector makes it a comprehensive solution for cocoa processing.

NOTE: This roaster is located in Australia 

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All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


LOCATION: Australia
YEAR BUILT: 1968 Fully refurbished in 2017
BURNER FUEL: Natural Gas
POWER: 220/240V Three Phase
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Roaster, Cyclone, Cooling Tray, Fans and Piping 
DIMENSIONS: 177"L x 118"W x 138"H