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240 kilo: Probat 23R Roasting Machine - totally refurbished in 2009



This Probat classic workhorse includes:

  • Allen Bradley PLC Control System and Profile Software
  • Quench Pan with auto shut down controls
  • 10HP Destoner/Conveyor for roasted coffee
  • Optional afterburner

The 23R utilizes a perforated drum so the footprint is much smaller than many solid drum roasters. Its modular design simplifies installation. The recirculation system increases energy efficiency.

Nominal Capacity (factory data)

  • 250 to 530 lbs. per batch (typically 250 to 500 lbs)
  • 4-5 batches per hour (nominal)
  • Roast times typically 4 mins to 15 mins
  • Up to 2,500 lbs./1,134 kg per hour

These machines sell very quickly on the used market.  Please contact the factory if you are interested in this machine.