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240 kilo: STA Impianti Roaster System Millennium 3

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STA Impianti Roasting System Millennium 3

Absolute respect of the coffee, big performance in reduced spaces with most hot air through the beans of a drum batching system. 10 years of research have gone into this line of machines.

MILLENNIUM concentrates technology innovation in the respect of the product quality which has never been realized before. We give value to your product while making your job simpler.


  • Control board with the partial or full automatic drive. 
  • Computerized Automatic Roasting Process with the recording system. 
  • Control through PLC. 
  • Fitting for PC Alarm system by buzzer and signal lamp with display anomalies.
  • Pre-heating system for raw coffee in stand-by.
  • temperature coffee controls both during the roasting and cooling cycle. 
  • Hot air generator (STA Impianti patented system). 
  • "Low Inertia" device for immediate starting of production. 
  • Industrial burner with 3 levels (variables) at an immediate answer.
  • Process air admittance control system. 
  • Fitting for cleaned air to air exchanger.
  • Control board complete with the lighting device. 
  • Screener with automatic drawing.
  • Water pump complete with tank and safety bypass device. 
  • The pre-cooling system connected to the roasting drum. 
  • The pre-cooling system connected to the cooler. 
  • Fire prevention system linked to the chaff collector. 
  • Cyclone for cooler and destoner. 
  • Self-cleaning cooling container. 
  • Additional emergency discharge for cooler. 
  • Integrated destoner.  
  • Servo control device for remote adjustment of destoner. 
  • Soundproofing system.
  • Global safety protection.

Note: the M3-240 is the one featured here.


  • Cleaned air to the exchanger
  • Smoke burner Catalytic burner External drawing air "Quick Fresh" system
  • Destoner weighing cells device
  • Continuity group for electric energy
  • Air Compressor PC for roasting process management