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3 Gallon: FETCO Brewing Dispenser

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3 Gallon: FETCO Brewing Dispenser - Although designed specifically for FETCO's Iced Beverage unit, this may provide you with a good server.The high polish stainless steel body construction is scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean. A permanent built-in faucet guard protects the dispensing area during handling and two small footings attached at the base help guide the dispenser under the brewer for accurate placement of the dilution nozzle.The clear inner liner is removable and dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning and sanitation. It also allows the operator to monitor brewed liquid levels to help ensure continuous beverage service. An oversized swivel handle provides ample grip area for transportation and when not in use folds down to allow easy placement into the brewer station. Specifications:Volume: 3 GallonsHeight: 22.5"Width: 11.75"Depth: 14.5"Weight: 13 lbs Empty & 38 lbs FullFaucet Clearance: 7"