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30 kilo: New Joper CRS30 True Cast Iron Roasting Plant (*Commissioned Only) AVAILABLE NOW

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Contact us, USA 800-999-1600, International +1-650-556-1333

This roaster was manufactured in 2017 and has been barely used and is in excellent condition. The burners are set up for Natural Gas but may be converted to propane if needed.


USA: 1-800-999-1600     International: 1-650-556-1333

New (*Commissioned Only) Joper CRS30 True Cast Iron Roasting Plant

This JOPER 1/2 bag Roasting Plant is ready for shipping in just a matter of days. This 30 Kg per batch plant is as new* (Commissioning - coffee roasted by Joper technicians for initial set-up) and you could be up and roasting in just a few weeks. The lead time for a new roaster like this is currently 11 months or more.

Manufactured in Portugal by master craftsmen, JOPER, continues to make cast iron roasters like those available in the '60s, 70's and '80s with state-of-the-art technology. Installed in 2018!  Here's the smoking deal:

  • 30-kilo Roasting Machine type CRS 30
  • De-stoner/elevator type DP-30
  • Conveying Station Unit type TP-30
  • Dust-separating cooler cyclone with Rotary Valve
  • Afterburner type QFM-30
  • Manuals & documentation

Awesome quality, very rugged cast iron roasting frame, and roasting contact clearances with the machine - just plain solid and does not move under long or extended use. The double-wall drum means that the heat is all designed to go through the center of the roasting chamber, not "onto" the drum exterior. Total true convection. 

Not only is this the same style from the old Gothot & Barth Roaster days. . . but even better as the shaft is designed so that bearings are externally mounted and additionally are air-cooled for long life and trouble-free control. Even the side panels or product flights have a longer curve positioning more product flow into the hot air stream, resulting in a slightly more rapid roast with more even bean interior and expansion that frankly leads the industry. 

All this commentary above means this roaster has an ultra-quiet operation. Thermal insulation with the highest quality of insulating fiber for low gas consumption.  Digital temperature control. The cyclone is separate. The cooler, being totally separate, has the largest air collection area of any roaster made allowing for total ambient cool coffee in 3-4 minutes or less. Included is a green bean loader, destoner, and afterburner, a complete turnkey plant ready to go!

Included Options:

  • Afterburner
  • Destoner/elevator
  • Loader/conveyor
  • Chaff collector cyclone and Rotary Valve


  • Batch Capacity: 30 kg / 66 lbs; up to 120 kg / 265 lbs per hour
  • Roasting Time: 12-20 Min (up to 4 batches an hour)
  • Exhaust Air Treatment: Cooling Cyclone
  • Cooling Time: 3-4 Min
  • Type of Cooling: Air Ambient
  • Safety Device: Yes
  • Burner Power: 110 kW / 375,000 Btu
  • Burners Manufacturer: Eclipse
  • Type Burner: 
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas
  • Power Requirements: 208 V 3-Phase 60 Hz 
  • Exhaust Chimney (roaster cyclone): 250 mm / 9,8 inch
  • Exhaust Chimney (Cooler): 250 mm / 9,8 inch
  • Hopper Roast Chimney: 150 mm / 5,9 inch
  • Roaster Weight with Cyclone: 1,050 kg / 2,310 lbs
  • Cooler Weight: 300 kg / 660 lbs
  • Roaster Fan Motor: 1.5 Hp
  • Cooler Fan: 4 Hp
  • Drum Gearbox: 1 Hp
  • Cooler Gearbox: 0,75 Hp

Note: Crating and freight costs are not included. Ships from Canada.

NOTE: This model comes as standard with JOPER's advanced profiling system BRIGUS. Brigus controls all the operating functions and parameters of the CRS roasters. Additionally, Brigus allows the roastmaster to define and develop roast profiles that can be recalled as needed. The roaster may also be easily operated in Manual or Semi-automatic modes. Features include:

  • Defining new profiles based upon previously stored profiles
  • Roast based upon a pre-defined profile
  • Display trend rate of rising temperature
  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control
  •  Actual vs. desired profile throughout the roast
  • Note-taking eg first crack, second crack, etc
  • Analyzing and comparing roasted coffee lots.

  * This roasting plant manufactured in 2017 was used only a handful of times during the commissioning of the plant by JOPER factory personnel in November 2017. All beans roasted from the first batch were used in production.  Unfortunately for the owner (but a great opportunity for you as a new owner), the Canadian authorities were unwilling to grant the necessary operating permits. A decision was made that rather than meet the unrealistic demands of the authorities and create a plant that would have to operate in a sub-optimal way (i.e. not as intended), the owner would take another path. Hence this used, yet pretty much new plant is now available. 


More about Joper handcrafted roasters.....

Made in Portugal by master craftsmen using traditional high-quality durable materials such as cast iron and carbon steel.  With over 54 years of experience and a process of continuous improvement, Joper roasters combine the time-tested high durability materials with top quality industrial burners, motors, fans, and electrical controls resulting in easy-to-use roasters that are quiet, low maintenance and energy-efficient.  They are durable and designed to run 24 hours a day - every day!

More about cast iron...

Cast iron is the material of choice of expert roasting machine manufacturers and roastmasters alike.  cast iron is extremely strong and durable. It has high thermal inertia and high radiation capacity and so retains and smooths out the heat.  As a result, the heat is more even.  Other important features of cast iron are its relatively low melting point, good fluidity, and castability, excellent machinability, resistance to deformation, and wear resistance.  cast iron is the perfect material for building high-quality roasters that will last a lifetime and longer.