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30 kilo: Diedrich Roaster Model C30 . . . Commercial Heavy Roaster

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30 KILO: DIEDRICH ROASTER MODEL C30 . . . COMMERCIAL HEAVY ROASTER This roaster was only made for a short time by Diedrich as they switched to a different burner and this model was powerful and really simple to operate and frankly it was a great improvement over the IR systems of their normal production. Anyway, this is a roaster that is a Diedrich workhorse and for the past 5 years it has been used in Chicago for roasting only in-house coffee and not so much of a wholesale type roaster . . . so the current location is a duplication of space and all they want to do in the retail store and forget commercial production. No longer their plan . . . and that opens the door for an instantly available roaster. Ready to ship from Chicago. Afterburner included as well and it is hardly used, as it was never hooked up in the current location. Note: the shroud over the top of the roaster was struck by some falling debris over 5 years ago . . . and since it never bothered the roasting process - it was never fixed as it was a back room roaster where "looks" did not matter. But in selling it again - we need to make sure you see this glitch so that you can evaluate if it is bothersome to you or not.