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30 kilo: Used Futura STA 30 Roaster

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Very good roasting system - supported by factory in Bologna Italy. This is a super clean running production roaster - very easy to operate and ideal for wholesale distribution and bulk roasting. Being in it's own enclosed cabinet - the operation is very quiet. Made in 2006 and still current model.

Includes:- STA 30 Roaster Year 2006 with destoner, Zyklon, Control Panel, Manual


  • Roaster capacity 30 Kg
  • Roasting cycle 10-15 minutes
  • Raw coffee processing  120-180 Kg per hour
  • Electric power 6kW
  • Heater with gas Including:
    • water safety devices for roasting drum 
    • cooler
    • cyclone,
    • Automatic extraction for chaff,
    • Electric control board useful for roasting process.

Structure in composed iron, completely closed with panels - doors and assembled in modular version to satisfy the most modern tendency of the actual technology. Internal parts in special silicon paint.(high temperature resistance) Cooler surface in stainless steel. Ball bearings, motors and gears calculated for 2.5 times the necessary duty. Heater with special gas burner to obtain maximum uniformity of color in function of the bean volume and moisture retention. Regulation devices for process air and combustion air. Manual operation mode operated from Control Panel.

Download Instruction Manual PDF - Click Here