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250k Probat R1500R Roaster - Used

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3,300 lbs. per/hr. Recirculating-Air Roasting Monster!

Welcome to serious coffee roasting! This is Probat's acclaimed R1500R series coffee roaster. The 2nd "R" stands for RECIRCULATING, which means the hot roast air recirculates through the roasting chamber for additional consistency, greater energy efficiency, and reduced emissions - ALL ADDING UP TO INCREASED SAVINGS IN YOUR ROASTING PROCESS.
The roaster is designed to roast 6 batches (1,500 kg) of coffee per hour in a medium color spec., 2,646 lbs. (1,200 kg) on a dark roast. The batch size of the roaster is 550 lbs.

This package includes the following:
  • 250k Probat R1500R Roaster
  • Buhler LCD touch screen control system
  • Cooler
  • Cyclone
  • Green Bean Loader (silo to roaster)
  • Destoner
  • Afterburner
  • Connecting Ducting & Stack

Current owner purchased new in 1991 and has been running till current day with no issues. No problems, no defects and no modifications. Still in service, roasting daily. It's being sold due to moving to new location and machine is being replaced with a new Probat. Available end of April!

It comes with a Buhler touch screen control panel and has data logging output for Cropster or Artisan.

All service records and manuals are included. 480v / 3 phase European, fueled by natural gas.

Take a moment and browse through this pictures. There's probably only one of these incredible roasters available used in this condition today! This roasting system is in amazing condition and ready to be decommissioned, disassembled, crated up and shipped to your roastery!

PROBAT R Series commercial coffee roasters are designed for high-volume roasting across the entire color-development spectrum. Flexible enough to fit any profile, this type of roaster enables repeatable and consistent roasts, batch after batch. 


    Has an automatic clean-out function that minimizes maintenance.

    All R Series models feature a double-walled roasting cylinder with a perforated rear cover. The insulated roaster housing has a solid back plate and front door to help retain heat/energy.  

    The R Series’ solid roasting drum and special paddle mixer mechanism ensure optimal blending, consistent roasting and effortless scalability. A large cooling tray promotes rapid cooling to lock in flavor and aroma.

    Customize your roaster with automatic roasting controls or curve following for repeatability. Analog dampers and burner controls allow the operator to dial in temperature and airflow rate to customize the roast as well.

    Constructed of only the highest-quality components, our R Series roasters are exceptionally durable and include numerous built-in health and safety features. All models come standard with an integrated fire suppression system for the roaster, cooler and hot cyclone, and the roaster controls include the latest safety chain design.


  • Manual or profile roasting controls
  • Analog dampers and burner controls to permit a wide range of temperatures and air flow rates during roasting
  • Large cooling sieve (tray) for rapid cooling
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Durable construction for exceptionally long roaster life
  • Built-in fire suppression system for roaster, cooler and hot cyclone
  • Sight glass, sampler and bean thermocouple for continuous monitoring
  • Quench control to achieve desired moisture content
  • Includes optional curve following controls for greater repeatability
  • Includes online moisture analysis
  • Includes dark roast features to safely roast larger batches to a darker color
  • And includes several pollution control options for both roaster and cooler exhausts
Go to Probat's website for more information on this amazing R Series Drum Roasting Machine:

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The heart of PROBAT’s R Series drum roaster is a horizontal roasting drum, directly driven by a gearmotor.  Paddles in the drum circulate the coffee beans during the roasting process. The flame of a burner generates the energy for the roasting air which is guided both through as well as around the roasting drum by means of flaps. As such, heat is applied mainly through convection via the hot incoming air as well as through conduction via the bean’s contact with the roasting drum.