35 kilo: Sirocco SR 35 Totally Smokeless



35 KILO: SIROCCO SR 35 ROASTER Totally Smokeless - The Sirocco is slightly used and in perfect condition. SR means Smokeless Roaster - as it not only runs on clean air from the built in incinerator, but is totally smokeless and chaffless - as the chaff is burned up instead of buying gas to heat the roaster - or at least cuts the gas usage down to make it very "green" in it's operational mode. History, 6 of these units were built (and each running over 2 million pounds of coffee - except this one) prior to another updated run coming later in 2018. This machine is in a coffee operation that is downsizing as they also have lots of real estate holdings and want to shrink their coffee service.  Located in Canada, Call for additional details.


  • Model #: SR 35
  • Batch Capacity: 35 kg
  • Dimensions: 35" W x 112" L x 84" H
  • Cooler Diameter: 40"
  • Heat Specifications: Gas & 380k-760k
  • Weight: 3600 lbs