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35 kilo: Sirocco SR35 Smokeless Roaster

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This is a totally redesign of the Original Sirocco GSR-35 as this machine is a revolutionary new burner design, very Low-NoX using a Catalytic Air Re-circulation cleaning method to deliver all clean air back into the roaster or out into the world. The Air used in roasting is made to the perfect adjustable temperature via instant modulation by using cold air mixed with clean heated air to deliver just the right temperature into the profile desired. Then the chaff and roaster spent air is transferred back into the catalytic burner box where the heat from incinerated chaff actually propels and cuts down the BTU needed to run the roaster - resulting in a fantastic turn down of the Carbon Footprint.Features: German Patent & Italian named Silicon Valley Engineered, USA Made... International Design also used to create Gentle Cast Iron Roasting Chamber Environmental Profiled Hot Air Incorporates Mechanically Fluidizing of the Bean Movement Integrated Afterburner and Catalytic Conversion to Eliminate Smoke, Odor and Chaff Odor, & Chaff Operates with Graphical Touch Screen Profile Memory Oversized Inspection Ports Onboard Scale to Calculate Shrinkage (Optional) Stirflex Cooling Tray Quick-Release Cooler with Removable Screen Maintenance Free (self cleaning) Sealed Roasting Drum Low Profile Infeed Hopper Safety Quench (Optional) Model 2017 . . . available before year end. Here are the Specifications - and you can call 650 556-1333 x5 for more details and answers to your questions.Specifications: Capacity: 35Kg / 77 Lbs per batch - 4 batches per hour Gas: 250,000 BTU Single Phase Electrical 40 Amps Drum Metal: Cast Iron Dimensions: 35" W x 94" L x 84" H Cooler Diameter: 40" Parts: All United States Made 6 GSR Sirocco original roasters have been in continuous use for over 12 million pounds of coffee. We have taken a couple of these units back into the shop for study on wear and tear . . . and we found some areas not to our satisfaction - so what we have now is the re-design of the air management system to eliminate some of the sear areas in the Ceramic interior of the Burn Chamber. By using newly developed much tough materials we have been able to radically improve that burn chamber making the machine now only 94" front to back. This is the smallest footprint of any machine on the market. Call with your questions. Price: Starting with a List Price of $89,000