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3k San-Franciscan SF-6 - 2019 Model - Excellent Condition

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3k San-Franciscan SF-6 - 2019 Model



Embrace the coffee roasting revolution with this exceptional San Franciscan SF-6 Roaster, masterfully built in 2019. This exquisite machine reflects San Franciscan's commitment to superior quality, unmatched functionality, and sleek aesthetics.

With the capacity to roast up to 3 kilos of coffee beans per batch, this roaster is the perfect fit for an intimate café or a coffee aficionado seeking to level up their roasting skills. This SF-6 model has been diligently kept in an excellent state, free from operational issues or defects, and has successfully roasted 200 lbs of coffee thus far.

Operated on propane fuel, this SF-6 Roaster combines efficiency and consistency in every roast, seamlessly running on a 110/120v power supply. The model's excellent condition can be credited to its regular service and thorough cleaning, ensuring optimal functionality and extending its lifespan.

Notably, this SF-6 model has seen active service as recently as July 30, 2023, and was confirmed to be fully operational with no defects. The roaster has been remarkably well-maintained by its previous owner, offering peace of mind to its future user.

Equipped with a data log connection, this model is compatible with both Cropster and Artisan, allowing for meticulous control over every stage of the roasting process. This unique feature transforms the SF-6 into a more interactive and customizable roasting experience.

In conclusion, this roaster represents the pinnacle of design, durability, and performance. If you're in the market for a top-tier roasting machine that perfectly suits your needs, this 2019 San Franciscan SF-6 3k Roaster is certainly worth considering. Get ready to redefine your coffee roasting journey and unlock the hidden potential of every coffee bean. Contact us today and let this magnificent piece of equipment be the key to your coffee mastery.


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CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Northwestern USA
LAST USED: July 2023
LAST SERVICE: Servicing Up To Date
POWER: 110/120v