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5 kilo: Joper Cast Iron Small Batch Roaster - PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR QUOTE

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JOPER CAST IRON COFFEE ROASTER 5 KILO - automatic profiling controls. Ships with your electrical and gas specs. Features the same cast iron attributes of the old PROBAT school. The drum roasting machine runs quietly due to the high fiber insulation and no pulleys or chains in its design. Chaff removal is quick and efficient because of the free standing design. The powerful self cleaning roasting and cooling fans enables separate airflow. Two models available: Manual and Profile (Automatic).


  • Destoner
  • High efficiency after-burner
  • RAL Color - see chart below


  • Load capacity: 11 lb per batch: up to 44 lbs per hour
  • Roasting time: 15 minutes (typical)
  • Cooling: 3 min
  • Natural gas or propane
  • Electrical requirements can be built to your specifications. Typical 220v 3-phase.
  • Low nox precise burner adjustment
  • Weight:  992 lb with cooler and chaff collector
  • Direct drive separate motors (4 of them)
  • Required floor space: 56" wide 84" front to back, 79" high (Dimensions include external chaff collector.)
  • Burner Power: 95,000 Btu
  • Built to UL295 Standards. Learn more at:
Note: Crating and freight costs are not included. Origin is Europe.
  • For additional commentary to learn how this roaster compares to the Probat Roaster, click here. TECHNICAL BROCHURE Profile Roast Control Option

The Joper 5 kilo Roaster option with the touch screen profile control comes with a Brigus Coffee Roast Control & Log System. This was specially created to work with the BPR roasters from JOPER. Together, they are the true master of coffee roast. BRIGUS (BRE 'gos) is a new concept of coffee roasting control system.With it, attention and expertise will be concentrated on what matters: Define new profiles based on stored ones Roast based on a pre-defined profile Manual or automatic process control Roasting vs. desired profile evolution during process Register occurrences, events and notes Record all process Analyze and compare roast batches Do you want to add a portable de-stoner to your roasting system??!?CLICK HERE to learn more.Information about the Profile Roast Control:The standard color is black with silver but you can customize it to your hearts content using the colors below. When selecting the color for your Roaster Body . . . these RAL Colors are all available - your local Automotive paint shop will also have examples of the same. Choose and it will be done!  There is a small additional charge for Custom RAL Paint Colors. Cast Iron Drum Yoke - Front and RearNew Crating for JoperFully enclosed certified international wood crating - all sides and top . . . for maximum protecting during the transportation phase. Joper Cast Iron Roaster Low-Nox Burner Control Adjustment