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5 kilo: Working Antique Royal #1 . . . Totally Upgraded & Operating

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5 KILO: WORKING ANTIQUE ROYAL #1 . . . TOTALLY UPGRADED & OPERATING - this Roaster has been totally upgraded to today's standards, with the addition of a chaff collecting cyclone (as the original never worked, and this one does.) Then "J" type thermocouple system was installed to give you bean temperature readings. In order to get control of the gas - pressure gauges were added and a new design ribbon burner replaced the uncontrollable original. So what do you have ...? A total functional 10 pound at a time (or less) in-store demonstration roaster with a story of old Royal history. Just vent to the outside world. This roaster came in never having roasted a bean in 100 years, and missing some critical components. Includes a new motor and a machined flat belt pulley. The shafts were sized, bushings replaced and new leather flat belts. The piping was formed and welded new exhaust tubing. Fan re-designed and tig-welded. A cyclone was built for chaff collection bucket has a quick disconnect for removal. Installed a ribbon burner with a needle valve for modulation and gauges to indicate the pressure for consistent roasts. A thermocouple was installed and adjusted to measure bean temperature. And indicator was added to display the temperature with readout and operating conditions that average 400-430 F. The cable was routed away from all heated and rotating surfaces. The drum was insulated to provide safe use of the roaster. A safety pan was designed, CNC bent, and TIG welded to collect any chaff from the perforated drum. The roaster is now fully operational, painted, and on an oak base.


  • Mounted on a platform for easy handling and display . . . takes up a space 48" x 48" x 56" tall.
  • Hooks up to natural gas or propane - your choice.
  • The voltage is 110 V 60 Hz.
  • Natural gas fuel at 7" w.c.
  • Air outlet is 6" in diameter.

Ask questions , but this is so rare, do not linger . . . if you have ever wanted American history in your coffee place that is fully really functional - now is your opportunity.