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5 lbs/min: Bulk "Plate Mill" Model 1206

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  • 250-400 pounds (or more) per hour fully hand-adjustable from espresso to urn.
  • The 12.06 cm discs (4.75") are .8" thick for additional stability and accuracy
  • UL-UL/CS listed
  • Discs are hardened "knife" and we suggest you simply replace every 50,000 pounds to keep your accuracy sharp.
  • Power: 120/230-240 V 1-phase power - easy plug-in anywhere.(24 A at 120 V or 14 A at 230/240 V).  3-phase available too, please specify. Motors can be specified in either 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
  • 1 year full parts warranty (not including product damage to disc)

Motor is standard US "off the shelf" supply at most any supply house for instant local service. Grinds directly into your choice of bulk container - chaff density control gate is standard - and you can add a bag holder if requested. Speed Control - variable drive unit allows you to select optimum rate of grind to balance delivery speed to heat. Most all grinders simply run at 1720 rpm but here, you can calibrate your own speed for accuracy and no-heat grinding. A really good feature. Discs are mounted on a special discharge heat sink for for complete exiting of coffee from grind chamber as well as acting as a major heat sink so as not to transfer unwanted heat to the motor insides or your product. 

  • 60 lb Hopper Size -  (Standard Hopper Size is 25 lb)
  • Bag holder: 
  • Replacement discs
  • Stainless Steel food grade