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2.5k Diedrich IR-2.5 - 2011 Model - Excellent Condition

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2.5k Diedrich IR-2.5 - 2011 Model



You don't see these often! Get it before it's gone!!!


Take a leap into the world of coffee with this 2011 Dietrich IR-2.5 Roaster! Experience coffee like never before, discovering the magic of transforming green coffee beans into rich, aromatic brews right in your own workspace.

This machine isn't just a 2.5k roaster, it's a treasured tool with a storied past. A loyal servant that has been lovingly used on a weekly basis from 2011-2013, and infrequently thereafter, this coffee champ is ready for a new home and new adventures.

This high-performance roaster is more than meets the eye! Running on propane and a 110/120v power supply, the IR-2.5 Roaster is a powerhouse that can easily manage all your roasting needs. With a data log connection for Cropster or Artisian, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips to ensure the perfect roast every time.

And here's the cherry on top! This package also includes a full maintenance tool kit, provided by Dietrich, ensuring that you'll be well-equipped to keep your new roaster running smoothly for many years to come. Additionally, you'll be sent off with the software CD that will allow the roaster to communicate with your computer and guide you through your roasting journey.

This vintage piece is operational with some minor issues, which mainly include the need for a thorough cleaning and a replacement of the alarm knob (provided alongside the purchase). Don't worry, we'll also throw in a few 'pipes' for connecting exhaust if you want, as seen in the photos.

What makes this Dietrich IR-2.5 Roaster a true star is its history. Serviced regularly with guidance from the folks at Dietrich, it's seen a wealth of roasts and still has plenty of life left in it.

Grinder and Sealer

Adding an extra dash of dynamic functionality to the package is the ever-reliable Ditting Grinder. Although it's calling out for a touch of TLC with servicing and cleaning, it holds the promise of turning coffee beans into perfect grind. Once spruced up, it will be ready to awaken your senses with the tantalizing aroma of freshly ground coffee.

But the value doesn't stop there. The TDA Kingstar Automatic Sealer, still in impeccable working order, also tags along in this extraordinary package. Poised to streamline your packaging process, this device will be your trusty ally in delivering freshly roasted coffee with top-notch freshness and presentation. Let it seamlessly seal in the flavors and aromas, maintaining the integrity of your beans as they journey from your roastery to coffee cups worldwide. This trio of equipment is more than a purchase; it's a game changer for your coffee enterprise.

So why wait? Leap into the coffee journey with these exceptional machines and open up a world of flavor, one roast at a time. This is not just a roaster and some accessories, it's a ticket to becoming a part of the rich tapestry of coffee culture.

Get in touch today to claim this roaster and start your next chapter in coffee crafting!


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CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Northwestern USA
LAST USED: May 2017
HEAT: Propane
POWER:  110/120v
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT: Comes with a maintenance tool kit (provided by Dietrich) and the software CD