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6 kilo Mill City Roaster - 2020 Model - Used

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Sorry, this item is sold out. But we're here to help! We may have other equipment that isn't on the site yet, so let us know what you need and we'll help you find it.

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Another 6 kilo Mill City Roaster
Ready to Ship!

2020 Model MCR-6

This is an original owner 6 kilo Mill City Roaster, purchased in 2020 direct from Mill City for $22,500. Run time has been only 20 months of about 400 roasts. Always maintained, always cleaned. No fires. Needing to sell due to circumstantial change of business moving to another state.

This roaster runs on natural gas - was originally fitted for propane. This offering Includes the conversion parts to put back to propane fuel including the instruction manual. Powered by 220v single phase. Includes original manuals. Has a separate chaff collector (big) and about 20' of double-walled ducting from Mill City. Duct value alone is over $2,000!

The machine also has the digital output for roast logging with software like Artisan or Cropster. 

Mill City Roasters are hand-built for craft roasting. Total control and variable drum and fan speeds. Features include:

  • Powerful dedicated cooling fan.
  • Heavy-Duty Build
  • Industrial quality, solid plate, and all stainless steel construction.
  • USB Data Logging
  • State of art real-time roast data and logging via factory-installed thermocouples.
  • High output, fully adjustable burners.
  • Double Walled Drums
  • Uniform heat distribution, greater consistency, better control.
Find out all about this machine on Mill City's website
CONTACT SALES DIRECT @ 650-569-0170 to discuss getting this to your roastery!

All roasters are sold as-is. Crating and Shipping not included in the listed price.


CONDITION: Excellent
LOCATION: Southwestern USA
LAST USED: Still in use
LAST SERVICE: 2022 - Daily cleaning after use
HEAT: Natural Gas but easily converted to Propane
POWER:  220-230V, 20amp, 50-60Hz
INCLUDED EQUIPMENT Chaff Collector, Mill City Duct Kit/Double-walled
CAPACITY: 1.2 - 7.2 kg Batch
52.9 lb/hr, 423.3 lb/day (24 kg/hr, 192 kg/day)

Don't let that one stone blow up your precision grinder!

Control your roasting exhaust and be environmentally friendly!

About Mill City

Mill City Roasters builds great commercial coffee roasters, but we’ve always been about much more than machinery.

Since 2013, Mill City Roasters has helped launch over 2500 commercial roasteries providing commercially focused education and training from our SCA Certified Campus, CSA, and UL compliant industrial quality coffee roasters uniquely optimized for the production of specialty coffee, and the best tech and after-sale support in the entire industry to help our owners keep their roasters running and their businesses growing year after year.

Through our free Roaster School series on YouTube, we’ve coached the entire world to better coffee. Our Mill City Roasters channel boasts over 15000 subscribers and has accumulated over 8 million minutes of viewership worldwide.

On the mechanical side of things, we offer some of the heaviest constructed, most powerful, most capable, and most flexible roasting systems ever built. We know we’re supposed to make a big deal about building the “Perfect Roaster”, but we and our customer's value performance over hyperbole. We design for reliability, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and ease of repair. You’ll find our machines in some of the best roasteries in the world, but we’re almost more proud as such a young company to have been chosen as the exclusive sponsor of the US Roasting Championship for the 3rd year in a row providing both sample and production roasters for the live roasting events.

We’re passionate about roast and coffee quality and we think that better coffee creates more demand for better coffee. We’re in this with you and we’re growing the industry together by remaining as committed to your success as we are our own.